Numerics features in Apps for Developers

June 8, 2015 / no comments

Numerics for App Developers

In the run-up to the much awaited WWDC 2015, Apple has created a new collection on the AppStore – “Apps for Developers” showcasing apps that can help developers bring their innovative ideas to life.

We are proud that Numerics is featured on the list alongside some of the gems of the app industry under the “Work Smarter” section. Numerics is showcased in over 70 countries including the United States.

Numerics securely connects with a variety of services that can help developers be more efficient through their product development cycle. The Basecamp, GithubPivotal Tracker and Trello widget packs in Numerics keep the developers aware of the progress of the app development. While integration with HockeyApp, Flurry and Google Analytics enable them to track the crashes in their apps, trend of active users or retained users and more. AppFigures widgets offer some great insight on an app’s daily or monthly downloads and sales. The unique Custom JSON integration empowers developers to connect and pull important numbers from their custom web systems and APIs. Numerics integrates with over 25 services and we are constantly working to add more integrations.
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Make dashboards from your Django projects with Numerics

May 26, 2015 / no comments


Numerics lets business users easily connect with their real and valuable data stored in systems they depend upon, on a daily basis. Our goal with Numerics is to make its users always aware of KPIs or metrics that matter the most to them by aggregating these numbers from diverse apps and services and presenting them in a unified fashion.

It is delightful for us to see our fans contributing towards this goal. Huseyin Yilmaz a Numerics user and a Django enthusiast has recently implemented a Django app to easily connect data from Django apps to Numerics.

So if you have a project in Django and are having to check the status by opening the web page multiple times, this integration will be useful for you. Huseyin’s integration provides an easy interface to create endpoints for the Numerics Custom JSON widgets. It also provides an interface with a list of all the endpoints that the user has access to. Huseyin has done some great work on the documentation, too. With a few lines of code added to your Django project you can have important metrics from your Django app on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and now Apple Watch.
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Numerics featured in Apple’s ‘Everything changes with iPad’

May 19, 2015 / no comments


We are thrilled to announce that Numerics is featured in Apple’s new iPad campaign “Everything changes with iPad” aimed to showcase the best apps that are helping people be more productive in their daily lives; at work and otherwise. Numerics is part of the “Small Business with iPad” collection recommended by Apple along with other great apps like Salesforce, Basecamp, MailChimp and more.

We are deeply honored to be recognized by Apple for helping professionals track their key performance metrics and making better decisions with Numerics for the iPad, iPhone and now Apple Watch.

A Big Thank You to Apple, our fans, our customers and partners for supporting us!

Numerics features on Apple’s List of Must-Have Apps for Apple Watch

May 8, 2015 / no comments

Numerics features in Great Apps  & Games that work with Apple Watch

Numerics-featured-Apple-Watch-Work-listOff over 3000 apps that are available for the Apple Watch on the App Store, we are proud to share that Numerics is featured in Apple’s special lists of apps designed for the Apple Watch.

Numerics features in the “Apple Watch Work” list on the Apple Watch App Store, which in Apple’s words are “efficiency-boosting apps that will help you juggle projects, meetings invoices and presentations so you can stay focused and be successful.”

Numerics is also enlisted in the “Great Apps & Games That Work with Apple Watch” list on the App Store home page for most countries where the Apple Watch is available, alongside many popular apps like Salesforce, Evernote and more.
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Numerics for Apple Watch is here!

April 14, 2015 / no comments

Over 5 months ago we started ideating and designing Numerics for Apple Watch and today we are happy to announce that it is finally live on the App Store.

Ever since Numerics was conceptualized, we believed that its benefits would best manifest on a wearable device. At its heart, Numerics keeps you aware of your key performance indicators – your sales today, number of tasks for the day, your marketing effort’s performance or any other metric that matters most to you. The quick micro interactions with the watch are perfect for consumption of the bite sized information presented by Numerics. And for a lot of practical, day to day use cases, the quick accessibility and availability of your KPIs on your wrist could make all the difference between knowing them at a critical time or ignoring them completely.

So when Apple announced the Apple WatchKit, we set out on our journey to design a killer app for Apple Watch and hoped to align its release with the launch of the Watch itself. Because, what is a smart watch without a great app that drives the user to strap it on everyday.

The Apple Watch is simply not an iPhone on your wrist, instead it is a companion to the iPhone. It is designed to provide the user with condensed glanceable information that can be consumed quickly via micro interactions. Since the invention of wristwatches, people have been glancing at them to track time; a changing number thats universally important to everyone. We believe the logical step for a smart watch is to enable its user to track other changing numbers that are more personal and uniquely relevant to the user. So we set out with a mission to design a unique personal experience for Numerics on Apple Watch to help our users better engage with their important numbers.

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