Our beloved Phlo is now updated for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus



Phlo has been our favorite hobby project. Often called the Kayak of web search, Phlo is a nifty tool that provides the quickest and most convenient way to find what you’re looking for on any search site. You can try your search query at Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, and over 30 other built-in services, all with a single tap and no re-typing your query over and over. It synchronizes your search history & newly added sites across all devices, so you can continue your search from one device to another. By consolidating search, it saves us information addicts a whole lot of time! Phlo really is the best way to search everywhere and find exactly what you need.

Our users love it too, and many have reached out to us with requests to update the app to support the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus sizes. An update has been long pending, and we are happy to finally release Phlo v3.1 especially designed to support iOS8 and for the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. With native support, Phlo is no longer zoomed in and is now able to display more search results on the bigger screen devices. Phlo will feel right at home on Apple’s new operating system.


This version also brings along some major changes. One big change is the Phlo app icon. The search loupe along with the colored stripes symbolize the essence of Phlo – when the user needs to find an answer, they shouldn’t be slowed down by the question of where to look for it. The new icon puts the search loupe in focus, is bright and is quickly spottable among other app icons on the iPhone or iPad screens. The new icon better reflects the philosophy and design principles that Cynapse lives by.

Localscope updated for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus, adds Uber integration


Today we are happy to release Localscope v4.3 optimized for the new larger screen devices; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Since 2010, we have focussed on enabling the most intuitive local search and discovery experience for our users with Localscope. Our large loyal fan base of users continue to appreciate it and come back to using the app regularly. With v4.3 we are excited to finally extend Localscope’s rich experience of discovering places to the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices. Users can now enjoy the same user experience on their larger screens with 3x images and improved rich icons. With native support Localscope is no longer zoomed in and is now able to display more place results on the bigger screen devices.
Uber-Logov4.3 now enables users to book an Uber cab to search results directly from within the app. Each result in Localscope now has an option to “Book a ride to here” via Uber. This means you can not only call the business or look up directions, but you can hail an Uber by tapping a button in the detail page of a result. This action will open up the Uber app if its installed on your iPhone with the pickup and destination addresses pre-filled. You simply have to choose the type of Uber you’d prefer to travel with and hop on your ride to get to the location. If you don’t have Uber installed, Localscope will direct you to their mobile website to complete the reservation process. iOS users who do not have an Uber account can even use Apple Pay to sign up and pay for their Uber ride without having to ever pull out their wallet. Localscope users from 300 cities across 58 countries covered by Uber can now use the “Book a Ride” feature. More cities and taxi service integrations will follow soon.

Localscope is the most inter-connected location app on the iPhone that collects and connects local data in uniquely useful ways. Now with on-demand taxi service integrations starting with Uber, Localscope lets its users book a ride to a place found in any of the top 20 location services in just a couple of taps.

Apple names Numerics a Next-Gen Business App

Apple names Numerics a Next-Gen Business App

Apple has created a new collection called “Next-Gen Business Apps” showcasing a new class of apps made exclusively for iOS, that streamline business and empower employees.

We are overjoyed to see Numerics featured in the “Present with AirPlay” list under this new collection. Numerics comes with a unique custom TV mode that fits your dashboard to any screen size. You can present your sales numbers, project status or any metrics that matter most to your team from your iPhone or iPad to Apple TV wirelessly. Simply tap AirPlay, enable mirroring to share your numbers on the big screen and make better decisions. All without having to connect to your organization’s network. If you don’t have an AppleTV handy, you can also connect to a big screen via HDMI directly, using a convertor.

If you’ve been using Numerics to present your dashboards on big screens at work, we’d love to hear from you.

Numerics on stage at WWDC 2015!


The WWDC 2015 Keynote was full of goodies for developers. Apple introduced some great new features, some of which, we’ve been hoping they would release soon. The team at Cynapse though had some extra surprise from Apple this WWDC. We actually got some stage time! Kevin Lynch, while announcing the new features of the watchOS 2, showed off a list of some of the early watch apps and Numerics was one of them! To see our app being presented on the WWDC keynote stage even for a few seconds is really gratifying.

We are humbled and deeply honoured to share the WWDC stage along with some of the titans of the app industry. Thank you all for your love and support, we couldn’t have made it here without you.

Numerics features in Apps for Developers

Numerics for App Developers

In the run-up to the much awaited WWDC 2015, Apple has created a new collection on the AppStore – “Apps for Developers” showcasing apps that can help developers bring their innovative ideas to life.

We are proud that Numerics is featured on the list alongside some of the gems of the app industry under the “Work Smarter” section. Numerics is showcased in over 70 countries including the United States.

Numerics securely connects with a variety of services that can help developers be more efficient through their product development cycle. The Basecamp, GithubPivotal Tracker and Trello widget packs in Numerics keep the developers aware of the progress of the app development. While integration with HockeyApp, Flurry and Google Analytics enable them to track the crashes in their apps, trend of active users or retained users and more. AppFigures widgets offer some great insight on an app’s daily or monthly downloads and sales. The unique Custom JSON integration empowers developers to connect and pull important numbers from their custom web systems and APIs. Numerics integrates with over 25 services and we are constantly working to add more integrations.