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Localscope 4.2 makes local search even faster, easier

When we released Localscope 4 for iPhone last December, we made it much easier to get a birds-eye view of everything to see and do around you across Google Places, Foursquare, Flickr, Wikipedia, Apple Reminders, and more, all in one beautiful app. But we knew we could do even better, so today we’re back with Localscope 4.2: The Even Better Edition.

Localscope - Find Anything Around You2345

We read all your feedback, from every App Store comment to TUAW’s review, and got to work. Localscope 4.2 is now much cleaner, with a polished Dashboard and search results that are easier to read and skim through. Images and video thumbnails are now smaller, which emphasizes the place they’re from or the person who posted them. We even improved the visibility of the search bar and the Lens Slider, so swiping between services to view their results on a map is much more intuitive.

We also added support for 30 regional apps from Sygic, one of the most popular GPS navigation services in the world. In addition to Sygic’s amazing features like projecting a heads-up display on your car’s windshield and speed camera warnings, its apps can have Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, or Snoop Dogg deliver your directions.

From big features to the small details that make all the difference, we hope you’ll love Localscope 4.2: The Even Better Edition. To celebrate the release, Localscope is on a 3 day sale and will be available at $1.99 upto 2nd May.

We think it’s the best way to type once to find all the places and people around you, so get Localscope in the App Store, let us know what you think, and get in touch on Twitter and Facebook!

Thank you for voting for us at the Best App Ever Awards!

Localscope and Phlo Best AppEver Award Runner UpA heartfelt Thank You to all our fans, users, customers and friends who voted for both Localscope and Phlo at the 6th Annual Best App Ever Awards! With millions of votes cast by users across the world, we are delighted to be voted Runner-Up in 4 categories from the 6 we were nominated in.

Phlo has been voted the Second Best Shopping App, a close runner-up to the Amazon App. With your support, Phlo swaggered to the Third Place against some serious contenders in the Best Productivity App and the Best Reference App categories as well.

Localscope too won the Third Place as the Best Location-Based App.

We are not only honored, but deeply moved to be chosen as one of the best apps from over a million apps on the App Store. This recognition is great motivation for us to make our apps even better so they can take first place at the next vote!

How to add new search engines to Phlo on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Phlo for iPhone, iPad and Mac is the best way to type once and search every site and service you care about. For example, you can type “Holi” and tap Wikipedia to learn more about this beautiful Hindu Festival of Colors, then tap Google Images to get a better picture. You could also tap Twitter to see how much fun people had celebrating Holi.

One search, three taps, a world of information.

Phlo has 30 search engines built right in, but you can also add just about any site you search often. If you check reviews at CNET or your country’s version of Amazon before making a purchase, Phlo can keep them just a tap away.

Add with a click from your desktop browser

The easiest way to add new engines is from your desktop browser. As long as you sign up in-app on Mac, iPhone, or iPad for Phlo Sync at just $1.99 per year, all your new search engines and search history syncs across all your devices:

Phlo Assistant Add OpenSearch DuckDuckGo

- Install our free Phlo Assistant extension for Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
- sign into your Phlo Sync account
- Browse to a site you want to add and search with Phlo for iPhone and iPad
- If the site supports OpenSearch, Phlo Assistant will prompt you to add it and sync to your devices via Phlo Sync
- To add sites manually, right-click in the search box and choose “Add to Phlo”

Right-Click to Add to Phlo

Your new search engine is now available with just a click or tap.

Add to Phlo for Mac

If you don’t have Phlo Sync, here’s how to add search engines to Phlo for Mac manually:


- Use Safari (or your preferred browser) to search on the site you want to add and copy the URL of the search results page
- In Phlo’s app preferences, go to the “Search Sites” tab and click the “+” button
- Paste the URL and replace your search term in it with %@
- Add a name for the service and you have successfully added your favorite search engine to Phlo!

Add to Phlo on iPhone or iPad

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, or if you haven’t signed up for Phlo Sync yet, you can add search engines to Phlo with a little copying and pasting:

Add custom engines to Phlo for iOS

- Search for something at your favorite site, then copy the search results URL in Safari (Action button > Copy)
- In Phlo, tap Menu in the upper right, then the cloud icon, then the plus button
- Tap to paste the URL into the Add Site page
- In the URL, find the search term you used and replace it with %@
- Give your new search engine a name and you’re ready to get searching!

You can always reorder Phlo’s search engines, including new ones you add, on the Search Sites page (the cloud icon). In fact, whichever one you place at the top will become your new default. That way, the engines you care about, including the ones you add yourself, can be right at your fingertips at the top of the list.

New custom search engines


Here are some search site URLs with the variable %@ inserted to get you started adding search engines to Phlo. You can simply copy and paste it to your Phlo on iPhone, iPad or Mac and start searching using them:

RottenTomatoes – – –

Baidu -

If you are not able to find the search URL for your favorite site that you want in your Phlo, simply tweet @Cynapse and we’ll help you out.

Vote for Localscope & Phlo at the Best App Ever Awards 2013

Vote for Localscope and Phlo at the Best App Ever Awards 2013

The finalists for the annual Best App Ever Awards 2013 have been announced and we are delighted that users worldwide have nominated both our apps Localscope and Phlo in 3 categories, each.

Every year the Best App Ever Awards, sponsored by 148Apps, celebrates the best mobile apps and games, chosen by users across the world. With over a million apps on the App Store to choose from, our fans and users have voted to nominate Localscope and Phlo as finalists in 3 categories. We are humbled by all your love and are thankful to everyone who voted for us.

This is the third consecutive year that Localscope has made it to the finalists, and once again we need your vote to help your favorite app win the Best App Ever Awards. Simply click on the links below and cast your vote, no registration required:

Vote for Localscope – Best Location-Based App

Vote for Localscope – Best Navigation App

Vote for Localscope – Best App for Locals

Phlo, our “type once, search everywhere” app too has been nominated in 3 categories:

Vote for Phlo – Best Reference App

Vote for Phlo – Best Productivity App

Vote for Phlo – Best Shopping App

March 15, 2014 is the last day to cast your vote, so go ahead and make your vote count now! Once you’ve voted, don’t forget to spread the word to your network of friends and family.

Winners will be announced during the Macworld/iWorld Expo.

Phlo 3 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is now free so everyone can type once, search everywhere

Phlo for iOS and Mac is Free

Phlo has been a great success since it launched, but we’ve always wanted to do more with it. That’s why we’re releasing a major new version and making it free for everyone. As of today, Phlo 3 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is now free, and we even have a gift for existing customers who helped us get this far.

We want to help the world search

Phlo is your one search box that searches everywhere. You can try your search query at Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, and over 30 other built-in services, all with a single tap and no re-typing your query over and over. When you find what you need, you can share your links via AirDrop, WhatsApp social media, and email. Phlo really is the best way to search everywhere and find exactly what you need.

As of today, Phlo 3 and all its search features, even adding your own new services, are free for everyone to use. This includes the new iOS features as well, like a Quick Filter that helps you find the right search service even faster. There’s a new refresh button in the browser, and a redesigned foundation improves performance across the board. Plus, Phlo 3 for Mac is an even better OS X Mavericks citizen.

Existing customers get Phlo Sync free for life

Phlo Sync is the perfect way to bring your collective search history and services everywhere you go. It also lets you add search services more easily using our free Phlo Assistant browser plugins for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Phlo Sync works across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and as of Phlo 3, Phlo Sync is now an in-app purchase for just $1.99 per year.

With this change in Phlo 3, we want to say thank you to all of you who helped us get this far. That’s why all users who previously signed up for Phlo Sync get a lifetime membership for free.

Available now

Phlo 3 really is the best way to search everywhere, and now everyone can use it. Phlo 3 is available now for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Give it a try and a great review so we can keep great features coming, and let us know what you think!

Swipe from the edge to reveal results from the next search engineQuickly switch between search engines in a tapPhlo Sync enables you to synchronize your search sites and history across devicesAdd new sites to search with using our free Phlo Assistant extension for Chrome, Safari, and FirefoxQuickest way to search your favorite sites on your MacQuickly filter search engines as you type

Phlo 3 is coming, buy now to get free sync for life!

Phlo for iOSWe are really excited about a huge change coming to Phlo, our “type once, search everywhere” app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Phlo is the best way to instantly search a ton of resources including Google, IMDB, Twitter, Wikipedia, news, or any other sites you can add yourself, but we want it to be the defacto search app that everyone uses. That’s why, when Phlo 3 arrives next week, we’re changing its price to free.

We want to help the world search

When we set Phlo 3 free next week, everyone can search everywhere from one single app. To make sure we can keep making Phlo even better, our Phlo Sync service will become a yearly purchase for just $1.99.

Phlo Sync keeps all your search history and services — including the ones you add yourself — in sync between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Our Phlo Assistant browser extension is a great way to add new services right from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. You search for things day in and day out, and Phlo Sync is the best way to keep them all with you on every device.

Existing customers get Phlo Sync free for life

To give something back to our great customers who have been with us this entire way, we’re offering a lifetime Phlo Sync membership. All you need to do is have purchased Phlo before version 3 arrives next week and signed up in-app for our sync service, which is currently free. Hint: tap the hamburger menu in the upper right, tap the (i) button, then tap the Phlo Sync sign-up option.

That’s right: if you already own Phlo or buy it within the next week, you get Phlo Sync for life. It’s our gift to existing customers who helped us get this far. Thank you.

We truly believe the upcoming Phlo 3 can help everyone type once to search everywhere. Tell your friends about the new version and our gift to existing customers, and let us know what you think!


We just released Localscope 4.1, an update to our location app with YouTube, Dianping, and over 40 new navigation apps!

We’re barely into 2014 but it’s already a great year for Localscope, our search and discovery app for the world around you. Our major 4.0 upgrade in December brought great new features like the Dashboard, faster source switching, and a gorgeous redesign for iOS 7. Today we’re back with a huge, free 4.1 update that brings new sources, much-requested customization, and integration with 40 new regional navigation apps.

YouTube’s back and Dianping has arrived

YouTube-DianpingWe are delighted to say YouTube is back as a source—you can once again discover and search for videos around you. Simply perform a search like any other and scroll to find YouTube’s results. You can also tap the (i) icon to customize and move your favorite sources to the top of search results.

Dianping is also a brand new source for our Chinese users that we are thrilled to add in Localscope 4.1. Dubbed the “Yelp of China,” Dianping has over 30 million reviews and eight million local businesses across 2,300 cities. Along with our existing Baidu source, we think Localscope is now the best location discovery app for our Chinese users, too.

With YouTube and Dianping, Localscope now puts nearly 20 location discover and search tools right in your pocket.

More customization, more integration

We packed plenty more into Localscope 4.1. You can now:

  • share locations via WhatsApp
  • open links in Google Chrome
  • choose to override your iOS default to display distance in KMs or miles
  • disable 3D map zooming on locations

By the way, there is one service change we should mention. Google recently shut down its Google Maps API, so we removed it and renamed the “Google Places” source to simply “Google.”

Finally, we added integration with an incredible 40 new navigation apps, bringing our total to a whopping 63. When you find a location, you can now get directions from new apps like Maps+, Streets – The Street View App, Yandex Maps, City Mapper, iWay GPSall nine Garmin navigation apps, and all 24 region and country-specific Navigon apps.

photo-12settingsLocalscope 4-1 5Localscope 4-1Localscope 4-1 2

We can’t wait for you to see Localscope 4.1, so grab it in the App Store today. Be sure to leave a rating or review and let us know what you think!


Localscope 4 is here!

Localscope 4 banner


It has been a fun and rewarding journey for Localscope as it has matured over 3 years and 27 upgrade releases. One of the most rewarding aspects have been the thousands of interactions we have had with our customers, the users of Localscope from all over the planet. This has taught us a great deal. Due to the nature of the app, Localscope is used in more demanding situations and locations than we could have imagined when we first conceived the app. While it feels highly gratifying to be told first hand in multiple occasions that Localscope has helped save a life or been of assistance in dire situations, it also makes us feel responsible and motivated to improve the app. Its been 15 months since we decided to step back and fundamentally redesign Localscope to make it faster, more powerful and yet simple enough so our grandmothers could use it. We’ve completely deconstructed and re-created Localscope more than once in this time. The introduction of iOS7 further inspired and enabled us to create the experiences that we have been dreaming of for a while. We are very proud of the outcome.

Localscope 4 is the biggest update in its history and completely redefines the concept of a location browser.


The Awesome New Dashboard:

The dashboard view lets you see everything thats immediately around you from all of Localscope’s sources. It presents a couple of the most relevant results aggregated from the sources in a beautiful unified view. Scrolling the dashboard unveils place listings from Google, Facebook, Yelp and others along with tweets, Wikipedia pages, pictures from Instagram, Flickr and more, all from your immediate surroundings. This is made possible with the newly designed intelligent parallel query engine that gets results automatically from all services for a smooth and fast browsing experience. Search is now integrated into the dashboard and shows results from each of the services in one unified view. From the dashboard you can drill down to seeing more results from any of the services using the revamped full list, map and augmented reality views.

Crisp, beautiful user experience:

We love the new iOS7 and we have taken deference, clarity and depth really seriously. Even though we have increased the base feature-set of Localscope, it now feels much simpler to look at and use. The interface focuses on disappearing and content gets the highest priority, seconded by context. The entire application interface is designed with subtle transparencies and overlayed on top of a blurred map of the users current location or the location in context. We have used depth to communicate geographic context and also provide a subtle color tone to the entire application thats unique to the current location of the user. Much of this complete UI redesign is instigated and inspired by the awesome iOS7 and enabled by its new APIs.

Simplified Current Location screen:

The new and simplified my location screen is now integrated into the dashboard. The current location map forms the background for the dashboard, giving a geographic context to the results overlayed on it. You can simply tap on the map to change your location or check the GPS signal for accuracy of results.

Instant switching between sources:

The source slider has been the cornerstone of the classic Localscope user experience. With the new design, the source slider provides instant switching between the sources and only presents services that have results saving you some precious seconds.


New Icon:

The Localscope icon has been very well known and loved thanks to the the awesome artwork done by SoftFacade. To communicate the spirit of this huge refresh we decided to rethink it again.We’ve redesigned the app icon based on the new iOS7 philosophy using Apple’s icon grid layout. It’s been simplified to communicate its most essential form and little else. Even though we are very fond of the old icon, we think the new icon is better at its job. Since user feedback has been one of the biggest inspirations to this redesign, we have decided to offer the upgrade free to all our users instead of creating a separate app. There is a lot more nifty new features in Localscope 4 that we would love you to discover and tell us your thoughts. For a full list of changes take a look at the version history on the App Store. App_Store_Badge_EN

Save Time and Money this Holiday with Localscope and Phlo

Thanksgiving calls for spending time with family and loved ones. To make your cherished moments valuable, our apps help you save time planning, so you can relish your time with family and friends. If you are looking for a restaurant to dine-in with your loved one or for parking around one, you can be sure that firing up Localscope will find you the nearest and choicest option! And if you are celebrating at home, you can use Phlo to quickly search for the best Turkey recipe or the best Black Friday deals.

This is what we love to do; invent technology that applies to and benefits everyday life. And we are incredibly thankful to the entire iOS community for loving us and supporting us through our journey.


We want to make your week extra special and have dropped prices of Localscope, Phlo for iOS and Phlo for Mac on the App Store! For the next 5 days, starting today 28th November right through 2nd December, Cyber Monday, our apps will be discounted by 33%, 33% and 50% respectively.

We also have some delicious treats planned for the coming month in the form of a radical new update for Localscope on iOS7 and a dapper update for Phlo for Mac on Mavericks.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Phlo for iOS 2.0: Your Universal Search Box Built for iOS 7

iOS 7 is here, and Phlo is ready for it. Phlo 2.0 for iOS is out today. With a new user interface, powerful new features, and a fresh icon, Phlo will feel right at home in Apple’s new operating system.

We have always believed in minimal UI design at Cynapse, and iOS 7 resonates strongly with our philosophy. We want our apps to be natural extensions of the device, built to feel intuitive in our users’ hands. Apple designed iOS 7 to be light and suggestive, using as little interface chrome as necessary. The interface of Phlo 2.0 matches the look and feel of iOS 7 with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

The new icon was designed to fit Apple’s iOS 7 icon grid system, so Phlo will look right at home on your home screen. The icon is an app’s identity, so the right design is crucial. Apple significantly changed the design language for icons in iOS 7, and it’s one of the most controversial changes. But after numerous iterations, we’ve found a design that describes Phlo beautifully while fitting in with Apple’s new paradigm.

phlo-universal-app Phlo 2.0 takes advantage of the new features of iOS 7 as well. It has new edge swipe gestures that let you jump back and forth between results from different search sites faster than ever before. It lets you instantly share links with people around you using AirDrop. And it uses Dynamic Type to automatically resize text to fit your device settings.

Phlo is your one app for every search, and it’s ideal for use in the mobile world. It’s the quickest, most convenient way to find what you’re looking for on any search site. And now it’s updated to fit the elegant design and powerful features of iOS 7.
For more info about what Phlo can do, check out the product page.

Download Phlo today. We hope you enjoy it. Phlo for iOS is $2.99 on the App Store.

Phlo for iOS