Widgets Inc. is a fictitious company using cyn.in for their Internal Collaboration and to interact with their customers & partners. Use one of the logins below to see how Widgets employees are using cyn.in


Login Details

Please use the following accounts to log in the demo cyn.in site.

Internal Users – Widgets Inc. Employees


Sr. Management

Users have access to collaborate in all spaces and review content in spaces with content approval workflow

Login: boss
Password: password
Login: catbert
Password: password
Login: mordac
Password: password


Jr. Management

Fewer spaces visible to these users with rights to collaborate

Login: dilbert
Password: password
Login: wally
Password: password
Login: dogbert
Password: password



Very few spaces are visible to these users and can view content that is only published to the entire organization

Login: diana
Password: password
Login: ted
Password: password
Login: asok
Password: password


External Users – Customers collaborating with the members of the organization.

Customers can only see the space they are collaborating in.

Login: supercustomer
Password: password



Note: A lot of users are simultaneously logging into the demo system using the same accounts that you are. During high traffic hours, this might result into a few confusing behaviors, such as when a lot of users are using the same account to edit the same content simultaneously, your content could get immediately bumped into an older version.

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