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When will the FAQ be ready?

We are working hard to build a list of frequently asked questions to help you use Numerics better. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions, please drop us an email by using the form here and we’ll be glad to help you out.

I love Localscope, how can I help?

That’s Awesome! Invite your friends and family to use Localscope, spread the word about the app through your preferred networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., rate and review Localscope on the App Store, recommend us to your favorite tech blog / site and keep spreading the love.

How can I change the distance unit system to show in Miles / Kilometers?

Localscope uses your phone’s region format settings to display results in miles or kilometers. To switch to your preferred units system, go to your phone’s Settings > General > International > Region Format. Here choose your country and you will start seeing result distances in the format supported by your country.

How can I search in another country?

Tap the GPS arrow in the My Location screen (it comes up when you tap on the map from the dashboard). The GPS meter is replaced with a search box, type a location or use the address book to enter a saved location.

I am in town A, but Localscope is showing me results of state B, how can I fix this?

This can happen because of two reasons:

  • You might have manually set your location to a place other than where you are now. You can check this by tapping on the map from the dashboard, the location pin on the top right corner will pop up a message in red indicating Automatic Location is Off. Tap on the pin to turn on automatic location, the pin will now be replaced with a GPS arrow.
  • GPS connectivity might be low. Tapping on the map on the dashboard reveals the GPS meter at the top. If the GPS meter is showing one red line or two green lines, the connectivity must be low, so point your device outside your window – the GPS meter will automatically show 3-4 green bars, indicating positioning is more accurate. Make sure either 3G or Wi-Fi are on for optimal location detection.
  • If the above doesn’t fix your location, contact support and we’ll help you out quickly!

How can I change the order of the sources?

Tap the info icon on the bottom right of the screen to see the list of sources in both Search and Discover modes. Tap the drag icon next to each source and change the ordering as per your needs.