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What is Phlo Assistant?

Phlo is your one search box that searches everywhere, across all popular search engines and sites at once. Phlo is currently available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Phlo Assistant for your browser lets you add your favorite search providers and websites into Phlo. When Phlo Assistant detects an OpenSearch compatible search engine on a website you are browsing, it prompts you nicely to add the site to your collection. If a website or search engine does not have OpenSearch enabled, you can simply right-click on the site’s search box and click on ‘Add to Phlo.’

Add search engines to Phlo with Phlo Assistant for the browser

Phlo News

An inspiring afternoon with Tim Cook

18th May 2016 was an exhilarating day for me as I had the opportunity to meet with Apple CEO – Tim Cook, Apple COO – Jeff Williams and key members of the Apple Team. It was a privilege like no other. I am humbled that Tim Cook took some quality time out...

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Apps Made in India

We are proud to share that Apple has featured Localscope and Numerics in their special “Made in India” apps list on the iPhone and iPad App Store in India. The list includes top apps, games, popular services, hit Bollywood music and movies. Everyone at...

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