Phlo for Mac

The quickest way to search


Open Phlo for Mac with a keyboard shortcut, type your search, and find what you’re looking for on any search engine. If you can’t find it on Google, maybe you’ll find it on Amazon or eBay. You can jump straight to results from any search site, so it’s the fastest way to find your answer. Phlo comes preloaded with over 30 popular search sites, and you can easily add more. It’s your one search box that searches everywhere.

  • Phlo for Mac is a quick and useful search utility

  • Phlo coming to the Mac to save time and expand the horizons of our searches

  • Phlo is a great way to do a quick search when needed.

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  • Phlo could be just the thing to speed up your search workflow.

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Phlo for Mac

Key features of Phlo for Mac:

  • Jump to search results on any site without retyping your search term
  • Saved history of your searches — put an end to endless re-typing
  • Instant search suggestions from your history, Google and Bing as you type
  • Configurable global keyboard shortcut to launch Phlo from anywhere
  • Search multiple sites at once using shift + return or shift + click
  • Automatically bubbles up your most used search engines and sites
  • Keyboard shortcuts to help you search faster
  • Gorgeous graphics that support Apple’s Retina Display

Phlo Sync for iOS and Mac

Search everywhere from every device with Phlo Sync

Access all your search history and saved sites across your Mac and iOS devices using Phlo Sync. Phlo Sync is available as a yearly in-app purchase. Plus, with our free Phlo Assistant extension, you can easily add your favorite search sites to Phlo using your favorite browser.

Phlo for Mac