January 2015
08 Jan

Monitor and Track Trello Stats with Numerics Business Dashboard App

Numerics, the business dashboard app for the iOS that presents your key business metrics in one place, today introduces integration with the popular project management software Trello. The new integration enables Trello users to measure the progress of work done in intuitive graphs and number tallies in-turn helping them make better decisions. Continue reading

November 2014
18 Nov

Track Business Metrics on iPhone & iPad’s Today Screen with Numerics 2.0

Numerics, the best business dashboard app for the iPhone & iPad has been updated to v2.0. This update leverages the new iOS 8 and is specially designed for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The new features include Today Widgets for the Notification Center, Touch ID based app lockout, unique landscape experience for the iPhone 6 Plus and widgets for MailChimp and Instagram. Continue reading

September 2014
15 Sep

Numerics Goes Free, Adds Custom JSON to Track Internal Business Data

Numerics, the unified business dashboard app for the iPhone and iPad, in its newest update introduces a Custom JSON integration to track important business metrics & KPIs from any internal business software. v1.1 onwards Numerics removes the price barrier to become a “Freemium’ offering, enabling more users worldwide to experience a centralized dashboard of their metrics and make better decisions. Continue reading