SyncNotes provides a centralized place to gather all your small snippets of information. The unique ability to synchronize all desktop notes with the web helps improving productivity even when away from your PC.

SyncNotes enables you to store, share, sync and archive information. Here are some of the key benefits of SyncNotes that can help you work effectively and productively regardless of location.

  • Centralized web based access to your notes
  • Access your notes from anywhere on any device
  • Fast and Easy way to jot down information
  • Work together with colleagues
  • Manage your Tasks
  • Say goodbye to yellow sticky notes stuck on and around your screen


Using SyncNotes

Synchronize all your information

Notes can be added or edited through the web, the SyncNotes Client, or even your mobile phone. These notes automatically get synchronized across the system. You can even have multiple SyncNotes Clients installed at different computers, for example one at office and one at home. Any note added at your office, will automatically be added to the home computer. Lost all your information due to a hardware failure? Don’t worry! Your notes are safely stored on the SyncNotes system, and will be automatically pushed to your new computer as soon as you install the SyncNotes Client again. You are on a vacation and need to get the piece of information you wrote down on the client at home? No problem, you could just log on to the website and check all your notes using your SyncNotes Online Notebox. Don’t even have access to a computer? Use your WAP enabled mobile phone to view your notes.


You can even send a note to another SyncNotes user, as easily as you send email. The note will pop up on his or her desktop as soon as his or her client is synchronized. This feature comes in very handy to leave reminders for your colleagues, friends or family. If the person you are sending a note to is not a SyncNotes user yet, the note is seamlessly sent via email. You can even restrict or define the people from whom you wish to receive Notes.


Don’t delete, archive

The SyncNotes System allows you to store unlimited notes in the NoteBoxArchive. There is a lot of information that you might not need always on your desktop as information clutter is very counter-productive, but may require I some time later. Now you will never need to delete these notes. Simply move these notes from the Notebox to the Archive and they will remain there for a lifetime.


SyncNotes for PDAs

SyncNotes is available for Pocket PC users in a full-featured rich client that is designed to operate in a “not always connected” mode and will run on any device that supports running the Microsoft .Net Compact Framework. You can use it to create, view, modify and delete notes and even send notes to other users. Changes to your notes are stored locally on your PocketPC and are synchronized online when you have an active Internet connection. An intuitive notes list interface presents all this functionality directly along with a full screen mode to view and edit a note in more detail. And you can have all this functionality at your fingertips while you’re on the move!


SyncNotes Mobile

The SyncNotes Mobile Interface allows you to view, add, edit, or send notes using any internet enabled device, that supports WAP or XHTML, for example your mobile phone, your Pocket PC, or any other PDA. You can now check out your shopping list, while you are at the mall! This also makes SyncNotes a more cost efficient way of sending messages than SMS, as the recipient need not have a mobile phone to receive your message.


Download SyncNotes