SyncNotes is a great application for ensuring that your information is always in your reach. Even if you aren’t at your desk, SyncNotes accessibility via mobile devices makes it an invaluable personal productivity tool for people on the go.

With SyncNotes you can reach both fellow users and non-users and archive unlimited old notes. Some of the features of SyncNotes are:

Basic SyncNotes features include:

  • Seamless synchronization of notes across multiple clients
  • Use Sync Notes using a desktop, web or a mobile client
  • Send notes to other Sync Notes users
  • Send notes to non-Sync Notes users as email
  • Archive space for unlimited storage of notes
  • Spam protection for inbound notes
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for easy access

Sync Notes Client for Windows Features:

  • Smart Client behavior (works seamlessly in offline and online modes)
  • Color themes settable per note
  • Make notes translucent
  • Lots of keyboard shortcuts for power users
  • Global keyboard shortcuts to open, show or hide notes
  • Easy to use, always on top toolbar
  • Show/Hide Individual notes
  • Make individual notes Always-on-top
  • Lightweight application having minimal resource requirements
  • Lock individual notes to prevent accidental modification
  • XML based notes storage
  • Send notes directly from the Client
  • Advanced drop support, just drop, don’t copy!!

Sync Notes Mobile Features:

  • View, edit, delete or send notes from a mobile device
  • Wide range of mobile phones and PDA’s supported
  • Signup for a new Sync Notes account directly from the mobile device

Download SyncNotes