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It has been a fun and rewarding journey for Localscope as it has matured over 3 years and 27 upgrade releases. One of the most rewarding aspects have been the thousands of interactions we have had with our customers, the users of Localscope from all over the planet. This has taught us a great deal. Due to the nature of the app, Localscope is used in more demanding situations and locations than we could have imagined when we first conceived the app. While it feels highly gratifying to be told first hand in multiple occasions that Localscope has helped save a life or been of assistance in dire situations, it also makes us feel responsible and motivated to improve the app. Its been 15 months since we decided to step back and fundamentally redesign Localscope to make it faster, more powerful and yet simple enough so our grandmothers could use it. We’ve completely deconstructed and re-created Localscope more than once in this time. The introduction of iOS7 further inspired and enabled us to create the experiences that we have been dreaming of for a while. We are very proud of the outcome.

Localscope 4 is the biggest update in its history and completely redefines the concept of a location browser.


The Awesome New Dashboard:

The dashboard view lets you see everything thats immediately around you from all of Localscope’s sources. It presents a couple of the most relevant results aggregated from the sources in a beautiful unified view. Scrolling the dashboard unveils place listings from Google, Facebook, Yelp and others along with tweets, Wikipedia pages, pictures from Instagram, Flickr and more, all from your immediate surroundings. This is made possible with the newly designed intelligent parallel query engine that gets results automatically from all services for a smooth and fast browsing experience. Search is now integrated into the dashboard and shows results from each of the services in one unified view. From the dashboard you can drill down to seeing more results from any of the services using the revamped full list, map and augmented reality views.

Crisp, beautiful user experience:

We love the new iOS7 and we have taken deference, clarity and depth really seriously. Even though we have increased the base feature-set of Localscope, it now feels much simpler to look at and use. The interface focuses on disappearing and content gets the highest priority, seconded by context. The entire application interface is designed with subtle transparencies and overlayed on top of a blurred map of the users current location or the location in context. We have used depth to communicate geographic context and also provide a subtle color tone to the entire application thats unique to the current location of the user. Much of this complete UI redesign is instigated and inspired by the awesome iOS7 and enabled by its new APIs.

Simplified Current Location screen:

The new and simplified my location screen is now integrated into the dashboard. The current location map forms the background for the dashboard, giving a geographic context to the results overlayed on it. You can simply tap on the map to change your location or check the GPS signal for accuracy of results.

Instant switching between sources:

The source slider has been the cornerstone of the classic Localscope user experience. With the new design, the source slider provides instant switching between the sources and only presents services that have results saving you some precious seconds.


New Icon:

The Localscope icon has been very well known and loved thanks to the the awesome artwork done by SoftFacade. To communicate the spirit of this huge refresh we decided to rethink it again.We’ve redesigned the app icon based on the new iOS7 philosophy using Apple’s icon grid layout. It’s been simplified to communicate its most essential form and little else. Even though we are very fond of the old icon, we think the new icon is better at its job. Since user feedback has been one of the biggest inspirations to this redesign, we have decided to offer the upgrade free to all our users instead of creating a separate app. There is a lot more nifty new features in Localscope 4 that we would love you to discover and tell us your thoughts. For a full list of changes take a look at the version history on the App Store. App_Store_Badge_EN

Localscope v3.5.1 updates integration with Google Maps v2.0


We have released a quick version update to Localscope, v3.5.1 that fixes the integration with the new version of Google Maps v2.0

Earlier this month, Google released a new and updated v2.0 of their Google Maps app. Due to some changes done at their end in the integration API, launching Google Maps to navigate to a location discovered in Localscope was not working as expected.

With this update, we have updated our integration with the Google Maps app. Now, when you discover a location and want to navigate to it using Google Maps, Localscope will pop open the Google Maps app directly on the route screen with the destination and your current location entered and the route options for you to directly navigate to it.

The new version is now available on the App Store worldwide, update your app to start navigate using Google Maps!
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Localscope named the Best Travel App on Best App Daily

Localscope Best Travel App

Localscope has been awarded the Best App Daily Award in the Travel category!

Best App Daily provides users with an easy way to find the most useful apps by listing highly rated apps in one place. In doing so, they consider the app’s uniqueness, design, features and usability enabling users to find apps that will make a difference in their life.

Check out Localscope’s feature here – http://www.bestappdaily.com/travel/localscope

Localscope free on App Store Anniversary


In celebration of the App Store’s 5th anniversary, we are making our app Localscope free!

The App Store has given inventors a great opportunity to create something awesome and put it in the hands of millions of users worldwide. It has changed the way users consume software and we are very excited to have been a part of the App Store. We are going free to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the App Store; what we think is one of the greatest things to happen to consumer software.

If you like Localscope, do spread the word!


Quick Update: Localscope v3.5 fixes Twitter Results

We’ve just released an update to Localscope, v3.5, that fixes Twitter results, disables YouTube and adds some minor changes.

Earlier in June, Twitter switched to their new and updated API that requires authentication to access public tweets. As a result, the Twitter service in Localscope was broken and not showing any geo tagged tweets. Localscope v3.5 fixes this by upgrading to the new API and using the Twitter iOS integration. Localscope now uses the already configured Twitter credentials directly from iOS, so you don’t need to re-authenticate, instead you can just choose your account and start getting results from Twitter in Localscope.


Earlier this year, YouTube had done some changes in their search index which is preventing location based searches from Localscope to deliver results. We have been in touch with them about this issue, but the estimated fix is expected later this year. So until the problem is fixed at their end, we have disabled YouTube from the app by default. It can easily be enabled again via the “Edit Services” section.
Localscope extensively uses the compass in your phone enabling the red arrows next to each item can point you to the right direction of a place. However, when encountered by metallic objects like moving cars or even your computer, the device loses compass calibration. To re-calibrate, iOS pops up a message asking the user to wave the device in a figure 8 motion. While this can be a little annoying, it plays an important role in pointing you to the correct directions. Many of our users have complained about this annoyance and so with v3.5, we have supressed the compass calibration message by default. If you’d like the direction pointers and the augmented reality to always point in the accurate direction, you can turn “Supress Calibration” Off from the app settings and the message will start coming up again.


We hope you enjoy Localscope with the new fixes and improvements while we work on major improvements for the future version.

Localscope v3.5 is live and available on the App Store, get it now!