Phlo for iOS 2.0: Your Universal Search Box Built for iOS 7

Phlo for iOS
iOS 7 is here, and Phlo is ready for it. Phlo 2.0 for iOS is out today. With a new user interface, powerful new features, and a fresh icon, Phlo will feel right at home in Apple’s new operating system.

We have always believed in minimal UI design at Cynapse, and iOS 7 resonates strongly with our philosophy. We want our apps to be natural extensions of the device, built to feel intuitive in our users’ hands. Apple designed iOS 7 to be light and suggestive, using as little interface chrome as necessary. The interface of Phlo 2.0 matches the look and feel of iOS 7 with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

The new icon was designed to fit Apple’s iOS 7 icon grid system, so Phlo will look right at home on your home screen. The icon is an app’s identity, so the right design is crucial. Apple significantly changed the design language for icons in iOS 7, and it’s one of the most controversial changes. But after numerous iterations, we’ve found a design that describes Phlo beautifully while fitting in with Apple’s new paradigm.

phlo-universal-app Phlo 2.0 takes advantage of the new features of iOS 7 as well. It has new edge swipe gestures that let you jump back and forth between results from different search sites faster than ever before. It lets you instantly share links with people around you using AirDrop. And it uses Dynamic Type to automatically resize text to fit your device settings.

Phlo is your one app for every search, and it’s ideal for use in the mobile world. It’s the quickest, most convenient way to find what you’re looking for on any search site. And now it’s updated to fit the elegant design and powerful features of iOS 7.
For more info about what Phlo can do, check out the product page.

Download Phlo today. We hope you enjoy it. Phlo for iOS is $2.99 on the App Store.

Phlo for iOS


Bug fix update for Phlo for iOS and Mac

Today’s Phlo update fixes some nagging bugs on both, the Mac and the iOS.

Phlo for iOS had a bug that would stop music playback whenever Phlo was launched. v1.1 fixes this bug. You can now listen to music on your devices while searching with Phlo simultaneously. Phlo will now only pause your music if you play a web video from within Phlo.

Phlo for Mac allows users to configure their keyboard shortcut to launch Phlo. Due to a bug, it would not re-configure instantly, only restarting the app would fix it. This is now fixed in v2.1, you can change your keyboard shortcut and it will immediately be available for use. Additionally, if you use full screen applications, the Phlo search box will now be available over them.

The new and updated version of Phlo for Mac and Phlo for iOS is now globally available on the App Store. Get your update now!


We’d like to thank all our fans and users for all the feedback that you have been sending in. We love hearing from you, so please keep sending in your suggestions, brickbats, ideas. While we get back to making Phlo more awesome, you can stay updated with what’s happening by liking our Facebook page.

Phlo for iOS and Mac: Type Once, Search Everywhere


Phlo for iOS is here! It’s your one app for every search. No matter what you’re looking for, just launch Phlo, type in your search once, and see the results from every search provider you can dream of instantly and effortlessly. If you can’t find it on Google, maybe you’ll find it on Amazon or eBay. Just tap another service in the menu and see new results. It’s the ideal way to search on a mobile device.

We’re also launching Phlo for Mac 2.0, which will now sync with the iOS version. Your search history and saved sites will always be available on all your devices through the free Phlo Sync service. Phlo for Mac can now suggest searches from your history, as well as from Google and Bing’s auto-suggestions, making search on your Mac even faster and easier.

Phlo builds on a core idea of ours we’ve been developing since we launched Localscope for location searches: especially in the mobile world, it often makes sense to separate interfaces from services. When you need to find an answer, you shouldn’t be slowed down by the question of where to look for it. With Phlo, you always know where to start your search.

Phlo comes packed with over 30 popular search engines and sites, and you can easily add more in the app or while you browse, using the Phlo Assistant browser extension. Phlo is sure to save you time and effort in one of the activities we love most about the web: searching for answers.

For more info about what Phlo can do, check out the product page. Download Phlo today. We hope you enjoy it.

Phlo for iOS is $2.99 on the App Store. Phlo for Mac is $3.99 on the Mac App Store. Install Phlo Assistant for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Announcing Phlo


As a company, we fundamentally work on ideas we are passionate about, experiment with new concepts and liberate our creativity. Some of these ideas help improve our existing products, some inspire completely new ideas while some end up being hobby projects. And some turn out to be so useful that they ship out as a brand new product – Phlo is one such awesome idea that we are happy to release today.

As geeks, we are addicted to improving our productivity and persistently search for tools that can help boost it. More often than not, we find ourselves searching the web for some information or visitng our favorite websites. To help satiate the infomaniac within us, we wanted a faster and convenient way to search the web without the overhead of switching to a browser or a new tab, typing the website address, waiting for the site to load, and then searching there. We also wanted it to be such that to search anything there would be no need to take your hands away from the keyboard, no matter which application was in focus. Some existing application launchers and multi purpose apps attempt to do this, but none satisfied our needs. And so Phlo was born.

Phlo is designed to be simply the quickest way to search your favorite websites. Summon it with a global hotkey and in a few keystrokes you’ll be jumping right to the search results of what you’re looking for, on the most relevant website of your own choosing.

“Alt + Space” is the default shortcut to bring up Phlo. This shortcut is user configurable, so you can set it to one that best suits your usage.



To search, you simply have to type the search phrase and then hit Tab to choose the website that you’d like to search in. Phlo quickly filters the websites and search engines as you type, constantly reducing the list of websites so you can use the up-down keys to navigate to the website you want to search in. For example, you can type “The Hobbit” and then choose the site “IMDb” to search from and the results will be displayed on your default web browser.

Designed for power users, Phlo learns about your favorite sites that you use to search from. Based on your usage, it automatically bubbles up these sites above the rest of the list, so you can simply hit the down key to quickly reach to it instead of typing the site name.

To find an answer to a question, we typically use one search engine, most often, Google, to search for it and usually move on with the results presented to us. However, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Wolfram Alpha and many more systems that we rely on, sometimes have better answers to our questions. This content doesn’t necessarily come up at the level we expect them to in Google’s search results. Phlo lets you quickly fire up the same query in multiple sites at once, with a simple shortcut “Shift + Return” ( or “Shift + Click”). Phlo can save you many precious seconds that can have a great impact on your workflow.

Phlo gives you a running start with a great set of search engines and websites, including Duck Duck Go, Gmail, Ebay, Amazon, Google search etc. Apart from the default search engines and websites that come with the app, Phlo provides you with an easy interface to add and manage websites that you can search from.

We are really excited to bring this nifty productivity app to our users. We look forward to hearing from you how Phlo helped improve your productivity.

Phlo is available on the Mac App Store for download @ $3.99 in the Productivity category.