Desktop Client

Get updates, post comments and keep track of the activity right from your desktop.

The Activity Stream

The desktop client shows an Activity Stream of all items. Whenever some activity is done on an item on your site it “bubbles” to the top, on the desktop client’s Activity Stream. This brings it to the immediate attention of all the people connected to the site with the desktop client.

  • See recent activity at a glance
  • Dive down and view an item in full detail!
  • Page through all the items in your site
  • Full keyboard navigation allows fast browsing and usage


You can search for items on your site directly from your desktop. Find the item you’re looking for fast, view it in detail and dicuss it.

  • Search your site directly from your desktop
  • Results are ranked according to percentage match
  • Navigate and page through the results just like the Activity Stream

Instant Discussions

You can discuss any item that you find in your desktop. Every time someone leaves a message on an item, it bubbles to the top, for everyone’s immediate attention. Discussions can be had on any item, and thus tend to stay on topic.

  • Threaded discussions — reply to a message or add a new one
  • Rapid response encourages Review, Collaboration, Q&A, and more

Status Messages

Status messages can be quickly set in the desktop client. Whenever you set a new status message, everyone else using desktop is updated about it.

  • 1 click set status message
  • Instant Discussions on status messages, just like other applications

Quick flick-through

When you glance through the Activity Stream and find an item that requires further action, you can open it to see all relevant details about it. You can discuss it directly in the desktop client, or open it in your web browser for further action.

  • Preview Images and download the original
  • Read Blog Posts and Wiki Pages in full detail
  • Download File items to your desktop


Supports: windows_icon Windows XP, apple_icon Mac, linux_icon Linux.