Community Edition

Get the source code or software appliance

Opensource Free Software Community Edition is an open source collaboration software distributed under the GNU GPL v3 license. You are free to deploy the open source appliance on your network / infrastructure to test, evaluate, customize and improve it.

Note: The open source community edition is not commercially supported – If you are looking for a commercially supported version of, click here.

Get the Software Appliance

The software appliance is the quickest way to set up for your team. It is distributed in the standard ISO format and can be installed directly onto a standard x86 computer, converting it to a dedicated Appliance. To try out without dedicating hardware to it, you could also install this ISO into a virtual machine, using any of the standard virtualization tools. Community Edition v3.1.3 (32bit)

A dedicated machine (Real or Virtual), with:
  • x86 capable system
  • Minimum 1GB RAM (2GB Recommended)
  • Minimum 5GB Disk Space
  • Direct Internet access to the machine
Next steps:
  • or installation help go through the appliance installation guide
  • Upgrade your 3.x installation
  • Setup for anonymous access
  • Participate in the user community
  • Browse the public resources and documentation for
  • Compare the benefits of the commercially supported editions

Get the Source Code

The source code package is for users and developers who prefer to modify, build and run the application on an operating system of their choice. Moderate knowledge of Plone, Zope & Python is required to build or modify Do not forget to contribute your code, ideas and bugs to the community. Community Edition Source – v3.1.3 (32bit)

How-To: Buildout Quick Steps
Follow this quick-start guide to setup development environment from source code.

Clone the GIT repository
Alternatively, the source code can be downloaded by checking out the GIT repository using the link below:

Check out the GIT repository

Note: Any modifications made to the code is required to be released back to the community as per GPL v3. To learn more about how to contribute, check out the contribution guide.