Key features of Cyn.in

Collaborative Applications

Cyn.in comes pre packaged with a plethora of applications that are designed for collaborative usage.


WikisHarness collective knowledge of your business using wikis. Cyn.in’s Enterprise class wiki system helps every member of your business or team to collaboratively create documents or departmental knowledge bases rapidly. Easy interlinking between documents help to create an organically growing and improving knowledge structure. Unlike most wikis, Cyn.in users do not have to learn a new formatting language in order to create beautifully formatted documents within the wiki, thanks to the easy to use WYSIWYG content editor.


BlogsTurn your workforce into a perpetual idea machine with Blogs. Blogging internally with cyn.in encourages users to publish their ideas and opinions and get feedback in the form of comments. Blogs act as an effective medium to capture ideas, open dialogue, communicate activities like project updates and interact with employees. cyn.in enables collaborative authoring of blog posts. Blog posts can be enriched by reusing existing images, audio’s, videos as well as embedding external content.

File Repositories

File RepositoriesSecurely manage documents and files across offices. Cyn.in lets organizations to centrally store and manage documents, spreadsheets, media, or any kind of files securely within spaces. Files uploaded to Cyn.in are instantly indexed to make them easily searchable by contained content. Version history of all files added, edited or deleted is maintained ensuring complete safety of all content and adherence to compliance requirements. Access privileges can be easily controlled at the space level or for individual files.

Event Calendars

Event CalendarsCommunicate, co-ordinate and maintain schedules across the company using event calendars in cyn.in. Calendars in cyn.in help organizations to communicate time and schedules across teams and keep everyone in perpetual sync. Calendars can generically be used for managing release schedules, HR leave calendars, enterprise-wide meeting planning, project milestone management, etc.

Bookmark Directories

Bookmark DirectoriesCollaboratively track your research with Bookmarks within cyn.in. The web is the greatest knowledge base ever created and bookmarks in cyn.in help teams to effectively use that knowledge base collaboratively by recording bookmarks into relevant cyn.in spaces. Like all other content in Cyn.in, bookmarks can be tagged, searched, discussed and shared securely within spaces. Links can be quickly shared among teams of users right from the browser by using the browser bookmarklet buttons.

Discussion Boards

Discussion BoardsDiscussion boards in Cyn.in enable users to quick start a ‘1 to many’ conversation and get quicker feedback and participation. Using Cyn.in discussions, employees can ask questions, find answers, provide opinions or brainstorm ideas freely. This potentially replaces email as the tool of choice for 1 to many and many to many communication as all discussions are threaded, searchable and organized centrally within spaces. Discussions provide a pan-organizational platform for emergent, open yet vital communication.

Image Galleries

Image GalleriesPresent and communicate better with Image Galleries in cyn.in. Store, annotate, catalogue and distribute digital assets like pictures, presentations, stock images, logos and graphics using Cyn.in image galleries. These images can be reused across the cyn.in site within wikis or blogs enabling consistent communication. Automatic thumb-nailing of images, slide show view, image transformation makes the Cyn.in image galleries a great tool to present and communicate thousands of words easily with pictures.

Audio Galleries

Audio GalleriesAudio libraries within Cyn.in enables teams to share audio content such as meeting recordings, training lectures, and other audio assets. MP3 audio files can be directly played from within the Cyn.in web browser or desktop interfaces making Cyn.in the most painless tool for simple audio broadcast and consumption. Cyn.in supports advanced podcasting, enabling users to create custom channels of audio feeds that can be automatically transferred to audio devices like the iPod and modern phones for offline listening.

Video Libraries

Video LibrariesEnhance learning by publishing and broadcasting Video. Cyn.in provides for a Youtube like video sharing application that lets teams publish videos within spaces, and watch them directly in the web browser. This opening up newer avenues for effective communication, training and knowledge sharing using rich multimedia. Media from the Video Library can be also easily embedded into Wiki pages, Blog posts or Events.


Spaces form the basis of creating structured work areas within cyn.in.

Unlimited Collaboration Spaces

Unlimited Collaboration SpacesHarness collective knowledge of your business using wikis. Cyn.in’s Enterprise class wiki system helps every member of your business or team to collaboratively create documents or departmental knowledge bases rapidly. Easy interlinking between documents help to create an organically growing and improving knowledge structure. Unlike most wikis, Cyn.in users do not have to learn a new formatting language in order to create beautifully formatted documents within the wiki, thanks to the easy to use WYSIWYG content editor.

Space specific workflows

Custom workflows can be assigned to a space, such that all applications and all content follow the space workflow. See Workflows for more details.

Selectable Applications within each Space

Permitted applications and content types can be enabled or disabled for any space by the owner or managers of the space.

Structured Sub Spaces

Spaces can be structured in a hierarchy that best reflects the organization or team using Cyn.in. Spaces can have n-number of sub-spaces structured below them, either inheriting the security permissions of the parent space or defining completely different access permissions. Structuring using spaces allow organizations of all sizes to tailor their Cyn.in site around their business requirements. Allowing users to create spaces makes the site structure organically grow or change based on changing needs of the teams. The main navigation of the system is automatically generated from the hierarchy of spaces.

Customizable Views

The views and dashboards appear as top level tabs for a space and can be customized or selectively disabled for any space.

Social Applications

Social Applications within cyn.in enable people to people interaction and increase team transparency.

Contextual Conversations Spaces

Any content, document, file or media within Cyn.in can be contextually discussed by everyone with access to the content. Contextual discussions or comments enable rapid creation of ‘crowd knowledge’ and form the basis of collaboration in Cyn.in. These conversations are stored forever creating a corporate memory that can be accessed, searched for and reused anytime. Comments in Cyn.in are threaded, enabling clean structuring of conversations. Participating in Cyn.in conversations is extremely quick and easy thanks to the fast ajax based commenting system on the web and instant discussions over the Cyn.in desktop.

Status Logs

Cyn.in allow users to add brief messages or updates to their profiles, that form a chronological status log for the user. Status logs provide a broadcast type of communication channel to each Cyn.in user, updating their peers about day-to-day workings & creating transparency towards business activity. Threaded discussions on status messages provide for 2 way communication and makes status messages a useful tool to interact about day to day activities.

People Directory

cyn.in’s extensive user management features allow users to find people and expertise using the profile search and the people directory. A user can be a part of multiple groups and roles can be assigned to users and groups.

Crowd Rating & Voting

Just like contextual discussions, all content in Cyn.in can be rated as liked or disliked by Cyn.in users with access to the content. More liked content automatically get a higher rating and ‘bubble up’ in the activity streams. Ratings enable a democratic model of information filtering and knowledge creation. It also serves as a useful tool to gather feedback on ideas and aids decision making.

People Profiles & Infocards

Every Cyn.in user is provided with a profile page which along with the users basic contact / business information, also dynamically aggregates the user’s activity and contributed content in a consolidated dashboard. The user profile provides insight to the user perspective and helps people to identify peers with required skills or common interests. A live mini profile also known as an ‘Infocard’ provides quick essential information about users and can be brought up by clicking on a users name anywhere within Cyn.in.

Productivity & Interfaces

Cyn.in’s user interface experience is one of its greatest strengths and is designed to improve productivity of its users.

Customizable Dashboards

Dashboards for Cyn.in lets users create customizable dashboards for every space. Dashboards can be customized with portlets, Cyn.in comes with a plethora of portlets pre bundled including content aggregators, tag navigators, usage statistics and graphs, etc. Cyn.in dashboards are compatible with other Plone portlets and can be easily extended.

Filterable Activity Streams

Activity streams in Cyn.in provide essential updates to users from across all applications within Cyn.in in a concise view, chronologically or popularity sorted. Activity streams provide for easy commenting and rating of content items without the user having to leave the stream. Activity streams can be further filtered by simultaneous multiple parameters or facets, such as contributing users, content types, tags, date ranges and more. Filtered activity streams also provide dynamic RSS/Atom feeds that users can subscribe to for updates to their specific contexts

WYSIWYG Content Editor

Cyn.in incorporates a powerful editor to edit rich web content within wikis and blogs and works just like your desktop word processor software. Along with powerful WYSIWYG features like visual table creation, keyboard shortcuts and rich content formatting, the editor integrates tightly into Cyn.in, allowing visual searching and insertion of links and media from within Cyn.in. Keyboard shortcuts, quick access drawers, and a full screen mode makes the user experience highly productive. The editor auto saves all content to the server every minute, so you don’t have to worry about loosing any content due to system crashes or power failures.

Email Notifications

Cyn.in provides an easy to use e-mail subscription feature that lets you subscribe to any content or a space with the click of a button. Anytime any other user updates the content an alert is sent to your email. When you subscribe to a space, all content or spaces under it automatically start sending alerts to you. Clicking the same button again un-subscribes you of the notifications.

Quick Adder

The Quick adder is always available at the top of every Cyn.in screen, and lets users quickly create content into any space of their choosing. While the new button lets users create any kind of content like wiki pages, videos, the discussion box goes a step further and lets users start a new conversation from right within the page without any postbacks.Quick Adder

Dynamic Feeds

Dynamic FeedsCyn.in comes built-in with extensive feed syndication capabilities that can be subscribed to by users to stay updated with relevant information or for integrating content from Cyn.in to other enterprise systems. Custom feeds can be simply created by applying filters to any view that lists the required content, Cyn.in automatically generates a dynamic feed of the filtered view. Cyn.in incorporates all major feed formats out of the box including RSS, Atom, Podcast / Vidcast standards and file enclosures. Cyn.in also provides comment feeds for each item, which helps micro tracking of important content.

Webdav Access

Cyn.in provides a standards compliant Web-DAV protocol based access to all content within Cyn.in. This allows desktop based direct access to files and content stored in Cyn.in and lets you bulk manage files directly from your desktop. Cyn.in Web-DAV can be directly accessed with Mac OSX and Linux computers and using a standards compliant Web-DAV client (e.g. Web drive) on Windows.

Organization & Management

Cyn.in provides powerful, enterprise class content management and organizational capabilities.


Cyn.in provides unified tagging of all content across applications. Tagging enables users to organize information within an organically growing structure. Powerful tag suggestion features let users reuse existing tags with ease. Multiple simultaneous tags can be used to filter content in all application views using the faceted filtering feature, this lets you drill down to relevant content of interest at blazing speeds. The Cyn.in dashboard also provides a tag cloud for direct access to popular tags.

Role Based Security

Comprehensive role based security and permissions system in cyn.in allows fine-grained access control for content to users and user groups. Roles can be assigned to users and user groups site wide, at space levels or for a single item of content.

Revision control

Revision ControlComplete version history of any content or file added into cyn.in is maintained within the system enabling visual tracking of who-did-what. Multiple authors can easily edit a single piece of content and be rest assured that their changes will not be lost. Revision handling is automatic and the version history management interface enables users to compare versions, preview pervious versions or switch to any older version. Version commenting creates a change log of the file or document.

Checkin / checkout of content

Cyn.in enables robust collaborative document authoring with content check-in and check-out. You can check out any content that you have editing rights to as a working copy. You can continue to modify the working copy while the published copy remains unchanged. On completion of changes, the working copy can be checked-in which replaces the published copy. Cyn.in also automatically merges the version history and change log once a content is checked back in.


Cyn.in contains a powerful, enterprise class rules engine that enables automation based on pre-defined triggers. Content rules can be defined by administrators and managers and can be applied to specific spaces, content types or workflow states. Content can be copied, moved, deleted or workflow transitioned based on different triggers. Rules can also be cascaded to allow complex automation of content.

Virtual Content Clipboard

Files, wiki pages, videos, spaces and all kinds of content and containers in Cyn.in can be cut, copied and pasted by users using the virtual content clipboard. Cut retains the properties of the items like author, published state, permissions etc. Copy on the other hand creates a new copy of the content item and assigns the person performing the action as the owner.


Cyn.in comes built-in with a workflow engine that is capable of n – level workflows that can be applied to any space or content type. Workflows are useful for applying a formal process to specific collaborative activities within your Cyn.in site. Cyn.in comes pre bundled with a few simple approval workflows, but complex business specific workflows can be developed easily with some programming skills.

Bulk Management

Bulk ManagementCyn.in provides powerful bulk management capabilities to content managers, administrators and space owners. Using the content management view, you can bulk move, copy, paste, rename content from across applications. You can also import and export content in zip files. This cross application content perspective provides great flexibility to people managing large content repositories.

Content relationships

All content can be linked to each other in a bi-directional relationship easily with Cyn.in. You can assign relations to content across spaces and applications, e.g. an event in the calendar could have a wiki page, a video and a few files as related content. When anyone accesses any content, the related content as well as content that is relating to the current content (back relations) are automatically displayed to the user, enabling a smooth flow of navigation.

Scheduled Publishing & Expiry

Dynamic FeedsAll content within Cyn.in can be published and expired at predefined dates and time. Content scheduled to expire is automatically archived at the predefined time. Archived content is not available in search results and is only available to the administrator.

Auto Relationship & Link Integrity Maintenance

Cyn.in maintains integrity of relationships and content interlinking, no matter what the changes to the content are. e.g. A wiki page could link to a blog post and embed images from Cyn.in, The blog post and images can be freely renamed, edited or moved across spaces at any time. Cyn.in automatically compensates for the change of location and all linking, embedding or relationships of the wiki page is retained.

Search, Navigation & Retrieval

Cyn.in provides powerful search and navigation capabilities to aid users identify and access content the speediest way possible.

Multi Faceted Filtering

Faceted navigation and browsing allows you to narrow down a large list of items into a manageable size with multi-dimensional slice-n-dice mechanism in a manner that best accommodates your specific needs. Users can filter information with a combination of multiple facets including tags, contributors, date range and any content search phrase. Faceted search enables users to swiftly narrow down to the points of focus and eliminate content noise. Faceted filtering is available across all applications and views in Cyn.in.

Smart Collections

Smart collections are like saved searches with which, sets or lists of content can be created dynamically, based on various search criteria. Smart collections are a great way to create focus filters that all users of your Cyn.in site can use to quick access content. Collections can aggregate content from across different spaces and applications. Smart collections completely respect security definitions of each content, so each user will only see content within collections that he or she has access to.

Fast, Full Text Search Engine

Cyn.in’s full text search engine, indexes content as soon as any new content is created or file is uploaded and makes them available in the search results. Textual information from within files of various known formats such as MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Open Office formats, Pdf, text, HTML and more are automatically indexed enabling users to search inside these files.

Mindmap based sitemap

Cyn.in automatically generates a sitemap from the content structure of the cyn.in site in the form of a mindmap. This mindmap gives users a visual overview of all the spaces and sub spaces available in the Cyn.in site and is an excellent way to quickly navigate across the space hierarchy and smart collections.Mindmap based sitemap

Quick Access Breadcrumbs

Cyn.in provides site structuring with nested spaces, and often for large organizations these structures could get deep. Cyn.in’s quick access breadcrumbs not only provide direct links to all parent spaces of any location, it also provides a one click access to all application views within each space.

Automatic Backlinking

When a wiki page, blog post or any other rich content in Cyn.in links to another piece of content or file, or embeds media, a back link is automatically inserted into the linked file or embedded media. This helps in identifying content reuse and aids in fluid contextual navigation.

Customize & Extend

Cyn.in, being open and based on the Plone / Zope platform, allows unmatched freedom of extensibility.

Open Platform

Cyn.in is an open source software and distributed under the OSI approved GPLv3 license. A structured codebase and modular design enables easy extension and modification of the entire system. Utilizing the plugin model of the underlying Plone platform, developers can easily extend Cyn.in or implement Plone products directly into Cyn.in.

Mindmap based sitemap

Brandable – Logo & Banner

The cyn.in site can be customized with your company’s branding and logos. A customized site name, description and logo can be added by the administrator to your cyn.in site. Each space can have a customized banner with a welcome message for that space.

Custom Portlets for Dashboards

Space dashboards can be used to customize the content that members see first when they visit the space or site. HTML portlets allow simple addition of static or embedded content. Tag cloud, Space members, graphical statistics and top rated items are just some of the few portlets available in the space dashboard. Cyn.in dashboards can be further extend using compatible Plone portlets.


Cyn.in is based on open standards making it customizable and extensible to adopt your companies’ systems and processes. Standard compliant API’s allow integration with other key business applications. Cyn.in exposes an XML-RPC, REST and Jason based APIs for most application functions. Other standards based protocols such as Web-DAV, RSS, Atom, iCal etc are also included, providing a variety of integration points.

Technology Platform Features

Features of the platform and engines that make cyn.in tick.

Unified Software Appliance

Unified Software ApplianceCyn.in is a comprehensive enterprise software, but is as easy to setup as an end user desktop software, as it comes prepackaged with everything required to run Cyn.in apart from the computer hardware and power supply! Cyn.in is a self contained software appliance and installs itself directly on a bare bone computer / server hardware or a virtual machine environment. This makes it easy to setup Cyn.in and it automatically provides for the most optimum environment to run the software.

Integrated Super Tuned OS

The Cyn.in appliance is a self contained software appliance that includes a fine tuned operating system based on Linux, customized and optimized for Cyn.in. The OS is supported and managed along with the core application for all customers. The integrated OS enables much greater uptimes and higher reliability.Integrated Super Tuned OS

Integrated OODB

Integrated OODBCyn.in integrates a high performance, next generation object oriented database (ZoDB) that’s perfect for semi-structured and unstructured content, and is highly extensible.

Clustering Support

Cyn.in appliances can be clustered in various configurations, making it suitable for any kind of load. Clustering can be accomplished across CPU cores or physical machines. Cyn.in provides a plethora of configurations to fine tune the performance of clusters.