Frequently asked questions

  • How do I see results on the map in Hybrid or Satellite modes?
    Tap the map mode button in the map view; second button on the left to switch between the Hybrid, Satellite and Standard Map Views.
  • How can I launch Localscope from other apps like Launch Center Pro?
    Localscope can be launched from other apps by making use of custom URL schemas. The Localscope API is explained here – https://cynapse.com/localscope/developers/
  • How to stop the re calibration message from appearing?
    Tap the info button on the bottom right to go to Localscope’s settings. Here turn “ON” Suppress Calibration.
  • I accidentally denied permission for Localscope to use my location how can I enable it again?
    Go to your phone’s Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Here turn on the location services for Localscope and that’s it!
  • How can I change the distance unit system to show in Miles / Kilometers?
    Localscope uses your phone’s region format settings to display results in miles or kilometers. To switch to your preferred units system, go to your phone’s Settings > General > International > Region Format. Here choose your country and you will start seeing result distances in the format supported by your country.
  • How can I search in another country?
    Tap the GPS arrow in the My Location screen (it comes up when you tap on the map from the dashboard). The GPS meter is replaced with a search box, type a location or use the address book to enter a saved location.
  • I am in town A, but Localscope is showing me results of state B, how can I fix this?
    This can happen because of two reasons. You might have manually set your location to a place other than where you are now. You can check this by tapping on the map from the dashboard, the location pin on the top right corner will pop up a message in red indicating Automatic Location is Off. Tap on the pin to turn on automatic location, the pin will now be replaced with a GPS arrow. Alternatively, GPS connectivity might be low. Tapping on the map on the dashboard reveals the GPS meter at the top. If the GPS meter is showing one red line or two green lines, the connectivity must be low, so point your device outside your window – the GPS meter will automatically show 3-4 green bars, indicating positioning is more accurate. Make sure either 3G or Wi-Fi are on for optimal location detection. If the above doesn’t fix your location, contact support and we’ll help you out quickly!
  • How can I change the order of the sources?
    Tap the info icon on the bottom right of the screen to see the list of sources in both Search and Discover modes. Tap the drag icon next to each source and change the ordering as per your needs.
  • Some sources don’t give results in my area, how can I disable them?
    Tap the info icon – on the bottom right of the screen to see the list of the services in both Search and Discover modes. Turn off the switch for the sources that do not give results in your area.
  • How do I switch back to discover mode from search?
    Once you’ve searched, the discover icon appears next to the search box, tap on it to switch back to the Discover mode. If you’ve just tapped on the search bar, cancel the search and you will be back in the discover mode.
  • How do I delete a search term?
    Swipe the search phrase to the left to reveal the delete action. Tap to delete.
  • How do I search?
    Tap on the search bar, at the top of the screen to start typing your search or choose one of the pre populated search phrases.
  • How can I report bugs or get help?
    We love troubleshooting bugs and crushing them out from Localscope. We’d be happy to help you with any issues, just get in touch using the “Contact Cynapse” option available in the app settings. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us
  • I do not like Localscope, I’d like a refund.
    Apple manages payments and refunds via the App Store and developers are not authorized to refund customers directly. You can get in touch with Apple and they will do the required: http://reportaproblem.apple.com
  • I love Localscope, how can I help?
    That’s Awesome! Invite your friends and family to use Localscope, spread the word about the app through your preferred networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., rate and review Localscope on the App Store, recommend us to your favorite tech blog / site and keep spreading the love.
  • I would like to use Localscope in my language. How do I request for localizations?
    We want users all over the world to be able to use Localscope in their native language. Please do suggest your preferred language by contacting us and we will work on the translating the app.
  • Some of the translations in my language are not correct, how do I report them?
    Please do suggest the corrections for your language by sending us an email through the app or through the contact us page.
  • What languages are supported by Localscope?
    Localscope supports 21 languages.
  • I own a business, but it doesn’t show up in the results when I do a search with Localscope. What do I need to do to get it listed??
    Localscope delivers place information aggregated from various social networks and search providers. To enable users to find your business via Localscope, you simply have to create entries with the supported sources. You can read more about how to add businesses to each service, on their respective sites.
  • I use a different navigation app that is not supported by Localscope? Will you integrate with it?
    We are open to integrate with navigation apps and would like to hear your suggestions about your preferred navigation app. (Connect with us](/contact/) to request integration with your favorite navigation app and you could use it in a future version.
  • What are the supported turn by turn navigation applications?
    Localscope integrates with a variety of navigation apps for one touch turn-by-turn directions to discovered locations, see the full list of integrated navigation apps.
  • There is no Augmented Reality view, how do I enable it?
    You might have set your current location manually or Location Services are not enabled for Localscope. Simply enable these by following the instructions above and Augmented Reality will be available again.
  • How do I switch to the Map view or Augmented Reality view?
    Tap the eye icon on the top right corner from the list view to switch between Map, Augmented Reality and List views.
  • What do the GPS meter bars in the My Location screen indicate?
    The GPS meter shows the GPS signal strength in realtime, helping you determine the accuracy of the results and on screen information. The stronger the signal, more accurate is the information.
  • How do I navigate to a location using an installed navigation application?
    Localscope allows you to navigate to a discovered location through the various integrated navigation apps including the Apple Maps app. Tap on “Get Directions” in the detail view of a result to choose your preferred navigation app to get directions.
  • What can I search for?
    You can search for absolutely anything – a business name, school, restaurant, cuisine or simply use the pre populated search phrases available when you tap on the search bar.