Localscope User Guide

A definitive guide to using Localscope

Dashboard View : Discover or Search for places around you

The Dashboard is your gateway for discovering or searching for places of interest around your present location or a location of your choosing.

Dashboard View presents to you a summary of places nearby with showing two results from each service, giving you a quick way to discover a locality by browsing user generated pictures, videos and locations geo tagged in various search engines and social networks.

Search enables you to search for a restaurant, gas station, banks, or name of a specific restaurant, type of food, or anything else that you would like to look for around a location. Geo tagged results from various search engines and social networks are presented to you to help you find a place of interest.

Search for anything locally

The search screen is pre filled with search phrases that you can simply tap on to view the results. To search directly for a business name or place, simply type it in the search box to see results. View the results in the Dashboard View or dive deeper to see all from a service. Flick or tap on the next service icon to view results from other services.

The search phrase is added to the list of search terms for quick reuse in the future. The search screen lists your most recent queries ordered by recency of use.

The search box also doubles as a filter to shortlist pre-filled search terms quickly. As you type into the search box, the search terms list collapse to only show matching queries. You can tap on one of the matches after partially typing the query or proceed typing and hit search to create a new one.

See results on the dashboard or list view

Initiating a search or discovery, displays a list of related places from various services on the Dashboard; flick them to see two results from each service. Each service presents different content with a visual indication of distance and direction. Depending on the type of content, the results are displayed in a list view.

Each item in the list, displays quick info including the name of the place, its address and phone numbers (if available). In Facebook (requires login) and Foursquare each item also displays the number of check-ins that happened at that location, the number of people who are currently there and the number of tips left by people who have visited the location. The results list from the Twitter service, displays a list of tweets by users along with their avatars and the time and date of the tweet.

The results from Panoramio, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube and Picasa are displayed with a snapshot of the original image. Tap on each see more information or perform actions.

A direction meter (red pointer) appears next to each item in the list constantly showing you the direction of the result with reference to your current location. The distance meter below it, shows the distance to the result from your current location and keeps updating as you move away or towards it. Using our 3 dimensional compass engine, the realtime direction pointers in the results always point to the direction of the result no matter how you hold your phone.

If you would like to see more results around your current location from a service, tap on sell all button in the dashboard next to the service name. Each service now has infinite scrolling for results, more results will be displayed on the screen as the scroll position hits the last result in current page. Each service may display different number of results, depending on your location or the searched phrase.

Similarly, if you have moved away to another location, you can refresh your results – scroll to the top, then pull down on the list and then release. New results will now populate your stream.

See reality tagged with place names, pictures or activity in the Augmented Reality View

Visually spot your search results in the real world by holding the phone up and looking through the amazing augmented reality view. Hold the device up and look around you through the device screen to see results marked with white markers. When no results appear in the field of your vision, the on-screen display shows the number of results available to your right and left. As you turn towards results and they appear on your screen as white markers, the white marker closest to your center is automatically locked in, and quick information about it, including distance is displayed. Tap on the quick info display to see more details. Continue sliding the service icons to view results from other services.

If you have moved away to another location, you can refresh your results by tapping on the refresh button. New results will now populate your screen.

Get a visual indication of distance and direction of results by switching to the map view

The Map View drops pins on locations of the search results on the map, and auto zooms to fit all available results. You can pinch to zoom in or out of the Map View to browse the results with ease. The vision cone always highlights the direction you point your phone at, allowing you to identify the relative direction of the place from your position. To see more information about a result, tap on a pin. The info bubble shows the title, a related image and the distance from your location; tap on it to see more details about it. The service slider is still available at the bottom for you to slide and view results from different services.

If you have moved away to another location, you can refresh your results by tapping on the refresh button. New results will now populate your map.

Tip: Loading more results in the list view enables you to see more locations on the map.

Tap on a result and get more information about it

Detail view offers varied information based on the service selected

The detail view of every item starts off with a mini map at the top. On load, the map zooms in and drops a red pin at the point where this point of interest is located along with a blue dot that indicates your position on the map. Right next to the map is a direction meter showing the distance & bearing of the result with reference to your location, that constantly updates as you move towards or away from it.

Lets look at each service in detail:

Photo Services: Panoramio, Flickr, Instagram and Picasa The detail view presents you with a larger size of the image. Taping on the image will take you to a full screen slideshow mode; you can swipe on the image to see the other photos. Right below the image is the title of the image and a description if provided by the user. The user name with their avatar and along with the date the photo was taken is displayed. Photos in Flickr also show the number of times a photo has been viewed. Instagram photos display the number of comments and likes a photo has received by other viewers. While Picasa pictures show a count of the comments for every image. You can view more details directly within Localscope with the in-app browser.

Social Info Services: Foursquare, Facebook, Yelp, Wikipedia, Wikimapia and Twitter The detail view of results from Facebook and Foursquare sources give you a quick description of the place, along with its address and the activity there by way of the number of Check-ins at that location. With Foursquare you can also see the phone number of the location, if provided, number of tips left by people who have visited the location and number of people currently at that location. While Facebook gives you the number of people who liked the location. You can simply tap on the more details link to see more information or for Foursquare results view the Venue in the Foursquare app itself. Wikimapia detail gives you a link to view more information that you can tap to view it within Localscope. The detail view of an item from the Twitter service shows you the full tweet along with the user’s avatar and the date and time it was posted. You can again see more information by using the web links to the profile and tweet right within Localscope or you open the Twitter app to view the tweet there and follow the user or retweet etc.

Search Engine Services: Google Local, Google Maps, Citysearch, Factual These provide you with the complete business name, address, phone numbers; if provided.

Video Services: YouTube The YouTube detail view allows you to see the video directly, tap on the play button and you can start watching the video right there. It also gives you the star ratings given to the video by viewers, the popularity of the video by the number of views, favorites and comments. Again, you can tap on the detail links to see more information right within Localscope or view the video in the YouTube app.

View details about a discovered photo, location or tweet right within the detail view

Each result provides you with links to browse further information about it. With the in-app browser in Localscope, you can explore more information about the discovered information without the hassle of switching between Safari and Localscope.

Simply tap on the link to see the comments, tips or other information added around the content you are viewing. If you are a member of the site, you can login and add comments, like the content or perform any actions that the site enables. The results from the user generated content sources also provide you with a link to explore more content created by that user. If you like what a user is creating, you can further explore their content by tapping on the respective links.

Call numbers directly

Simply tap on the phone numbers listed in the results detail view to place a call directly or copy the number to the clipboard.

View more details in the services’ web pages

Click on the URL of the results to open the web pages from the service to get additional details about the result.

Get Directions to a discovered location using various integrated navigation apps

If you like a result and would like to see its location on the map and navigate to it, simply hit the “Get Directions” button. This slides up the options to start navigation to a destination using any of the installed and supported navigation apps. Tap on the navigation app of your choice to immediately initiate a turn-by-turn voice based (except Maps app) navigation to your place of interest. Localscope integrates with a total of 19 navigation apps including:

  • Apple Maps App
  • Google Maps
  • TomTom
  • Navigon MobileNavigator
  • MotionX GPS Drive
  • Magellan RoadMate
  • Navfree / Navmii GPS navigation
  • MetroView Australia and NewZealand
  • Sygic GPS Navigation
  • iGo Primo
  • Waze
  • MotionX GPS & HD
  • VZ Navigator
  • Telenav
  • Geobyte GPS Navigation UK and Ireland

Set a result as your current location with a tap

If you find a place of interest, and want to search locally around this result, you can do so simply by marking this result as your current location by tapping the “Set as Current Location” button. This automatically switches OFF your GPS and sets your current location to be the location of the result. You can now search around this newly set location.

Note: This action, switches OFF your GPS. Any further searches will continue to find places around your newly set current location. To reset your current location to your actual location, you have to turn GPS ON (Explained below in My location Drawer).

Add a result as a contact to your address book

If you would like to add the details to your address book, tap the “Save to Contacts” button and all the related information, including the name, its URL to find it on the web, phone numbers and complete address will be saved in your Address book for future reuse.

Share the details of a search result using email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook

Based on your communication preference, tap on any of the Email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook buttons to share a result with your friends. An automatically generated message with the name of the result comes pre-filled in the message box for all the options. You can modify the message as per your choosing. An automatically generated map url is appended to the message for sharing. This enables you to give your friends the exact location of the result on the map.

Find or discover places anywhere in the world

Localscope is not restricted to your neighborhood. Discover places around an existing address in your contacts or any place in the world by setting your current location. You can manually turn OFF GPS by tapping on the GPS arrow button in the My Location Bar. The My Location Bar is located at the top of the results list and it always displays your current location. Tap anywhere on the map to open the My Location Screen.

When you turn GPS OFF, you can manually enter any location in the search bar and explore places around that location. If your typed location search matches a single result, it will be chosen directly, on the map. If there are more than one matches, you’ll see a list from which you can choose one. In GPS OFF mode, the map is interactive and you can zoom in and out and choose a location of your choice by simply tapping there on the map.

Tip 1: Use the small address book button in the search bar to search for a contact’s address and search for places around that area.

Tip 2: When searching for locations in the my location drawer, it is usually easier to find the right one if you type your city name or zip code along with what you’re searching.

Manage and re-order services

If you wish to disable or re-order services based on your liking, you can do so easily through the Edit Services screen. The Edit Services button is available from within application settings. Once you are in the Edit Services screen you can disable services that you do not want to see results from or re-order them based on your preferences.

Note: The services have to be separately enabled, disabled and re-ordered for Search and Discover modes

Delete search terms

Simply swipe a search term to the left and delete option will be shown. You can tap on the delete button to delete the search phrase completely.

Know your device GPS accuracy from the GPS strength meter

The My Location View, provides a cool GPS meter that shows the GPS signal strength in realtime, helping you determine the accuracy of the results and on screen information. The stronger the signal, more accurate are the information. At anytime during your usage of the device, you can drag the bar up partially to see the signal strength of GPS. The bars glow in the meter depicting your GPS connectivity. The number of bars in the meter mean the following:

  • No GPS meter – GPS is OFF

  • One Red bar – GPS connect not available. Current location is being determined using WiFi or Cell Tower triangulation.

  • Two Green bars – GPS connect has been achieved. Accuracy is low.

  • Three Green bars – GPS accuracy upto a 50 meter radius, good accuracy.

  • Four Green bars – GPS accuracy is high, lots of satellites connected, accurate upto a 15 meter radius.

Notify friends of your current location through Facebook, Twitter, SMS or Email

The My Location screen can also be used to quickly share your current location with family and friends using the Share button at the bottom right corner. Tap on the icon to share your location via Email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. A Map url is automatically generated for the place and appended to the message you share, enabling the recipient to view your exact location.

Useful Settings

The gear button in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard gives you access to the Settings Screen with the settings, help & support and other information about Localscope and the creators – Cynapse.

Turn off Sounds

Sounds in Localscope act as a feedback to the user’s taps, creating a feeling of using a cool gizmo. To turn them off, simply switch OFF sounds through the settings screen.

Suppress Calibration

When iOS detects that your compass requires calibration it instructs the application using the compass to inform you to move the device in a circular figure motion. You can choose to suppress the calibration message through the Settings screen by turning Suppress Calibration ON.