Connecting service accounts

Connect Numerics to your accounts with the integrated services

Connecting an account

When adding widgets to your dashboards in Numerics, you will be required to connect Numerics to your account with the service of the widget. You can add multiple accounts for a single service in Numerics and track numbers from each of them in separate widgets. For example, if you have a personal and business account with one service, you can add both accounts to track your KPIs.

Depending on the service and the type of authentication offered by them, you will be guided to connecting your account with the service to authenticate and authorize Numerics to bring in your KPIs.Numerics does a direct device to service connection. There are no servers in between and all your credentials are stored securely and exclusively on your device.

Some services require you to login via the web, others might need an API key from the service to allow Numerics to bring in your numbers. Each of the types are detailed below:

API Key Type

Services like Amazon API Gateway, Chargify, Envato, Flurry, HelpScout, HockeyApp, Paypal, PipelineDeals, Pivotal Tracker, Stripe, WooCommerce and Zendesk require the user to enter their API key to authenticate Numerics and bring in your data from the service. Based on the service requirements, you might also be asked to provide additional service specific information like sub-domain.

Each account adding screen has service specific help content and links to enable you to quickly navigate to the location of the API key on the service page. If you’d like to copy the API key from the site on your desktop, we recommend you to use a clipboard tool to easily copy from your desktop to your iPhone or iPad.

Basic authentication

Pingdom and Custom JSON with Basic Auth use the basic authentication mechanism whereby you simply need to provide your username and password to authorize Numerics to access your KPIs from the systems behind login.

Web based authentication

Services like AppFigures, Basecamp, Facebook, Foursquare, Github, Google, Instagram, Intercom, MailChimp, Pinterest, Podio, Salesforce, Trello and WordPress require you to enter your login and password to the service and authorize Numerics access to your account on the service. For these account connections, Numerics navigates you to the service login page via the in-app browser. The service shows you the list of permissions that Numerics is requesting for and you will be required to authorize Numerics.

For Google Apps, since Numerics integrates with multiple Google Apps including Spreadsheets, Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery and Gmail, Numerics asks for permissions for all the Google Apps all at once. Numerics does this as the same Google account works with all the Google Apps. Requesting for permissions separately for each app would result in adding duplicate accounts in Numerics. However, Numerics only gets the numbers from these services, only when you add a widget for that Google app.

Direct app connect

Numerics uses the iOS Twitter integration to connect to your Twitter accounts. To add a Twitter account in Numerics, please ensure that you have added an account in your device Settings –> Twitter. Sometimes, if you have added a Twitter account to your device, and have changed the password for your account on the Twitter website, Numerics will not be able to connect to Twitter. In such a case, please connect your Twitter account in your device settings again.

If you already have your Twitter account added to your device, please ensure you have allowed Numerics to use your Twitter account. Under device Settings –> Twitter please ensure the switch against Numerics is ON.

Manage connected accounts

All the accounts you’ve connected in Numerics are listed in the Accounts section under settings. Tap on the info (i) button on the dashboards list screen to access your Accounts. Here you can browse through all the accounts you’ve added and edit the account name as it appears. You can also choose to remove an account that is no longer being used. Tap to edit the widget and then hit Remove. Removing an account, will cause all the widgets using it to error. You can re-add your account and associate the widgets to the newly added account.