Setting up dashboards

Design and customize your dashboards

Numerics bundles a default empty dashboard called “My Dashboard” that you can setup to monitor your KPIs. You can create unlimited dashboards in Numerics. There are 2 ways to add new dashboards in Numerics:

Add a new empty dashboard

To add a new empty dashboard, tap on the “+” button in the top right corner in the Dashboards list screen and hit “New Dashboard”. Enter a unique title for your dashboard and hit save. An empty dashboard is created for you to start adding widgets.

Import a dashboard template

The easiest way to setup a dashboard instantly is to import a template that some has shared with you.

To import a template, tap on the template file that has been shared with you on your EMail or SMS. If you have saved the template file to a location in iCloud Drive or Dropbox or any other file sharing app, tap on the ‘+’ button in the Dashboards list and hit “Import Dashboard”. The import wizard prompts you to first choose the Numerics Template File. Tap on the button to navigate to the location of the template file. By default, Numerics lands you in your iCloud Drive. If you have saved the template file to Dropbox or Google Drive, tap on “Locations” in the top left corner to change to another one of your choice. Choose the template and follow the instructions in the walk through guide to connect your account and choose related profiles. More details about Importing a dashboard is available here –

Delete dashboards

To delete a dashboard, tap on the edit icon next to the dashboard name in the Dashboards list screen. This opens up a screen that lets you edit the dashboard name or delete it completely. Hit Remove to delete the dashboard. When you delete a dashboard, all widgets in the dashboard will also be deleted.

Re-arrange dashboards

Dashboards can be re-ordered in the dashboards list screen by dragging and dropping the dashboard to a position of your choosing.

In devices that support 3D touch, you can launch directly into one of the first 3 dashboards right from the Home screen using Quick Actions. Re-arranging your dashboards to see your favorite one as an option in quick actions can be very helpful.