Numerics bundles a default empty dashboard called ‘My Dashboard’ that you can set up to monitor your KPIs. You can create unlimited dashboards in Numerics.

To add a new dashboard, tap the ‘+’ button in the dashboards list screen and hit ‘Blank Dashboard’. Enter a unique title for your dashboard and hit save. An empty dashboard is created for you to start adding widgets.

Add a dashboard

To edit a dashboard, long press on the dashboard name. When the display opens, tap ‘Edit’. This opens up a screen that lets you edit the dashboard name, delete it completely or add the dashboard to Siri.

Hitting ‘Delete Dashboard’ button deletes the dashboard. When you delete a dashboard, all widgets in the dashboard will also be deleted.

Edit a dashboard

Dashboards also can be re-ordered in the dashboards list screen by dragging and dropping the dashboard to a position of your choosing.

In devices that support 3D & Haptic Touch, you can launch directly into one of the first 3 dashboards right from the Home screen using Quick Actions. Re-arranging your dashboards to see your favorite one as an option in quick actions can be very helpful.