Widget Title:

This allows you to add a title to the widget that is displayed at top of the widget. This is optional.

Widget title


The Source section allows you to add your account and choose the related profiles for the account.

Add/Choose an account

Add account

Depending on the service and the type of authentication offered by them, you will be guided to connecting your account in Numerics. Some services require you to login via the web, others might need an API key from the service to allow Numerics to bring in your numbers. If you have many accounts like personal and business with one service, you can add them all to track KPIs of each, separately with different widgets. Numerics does a direct device to service connection and all your data is stored securely and exclusively on your device. Read more…

Select from Auto Populated Profiles

Once the account has been added and chosen, the linked profile options are automatically populated. These help you refine and narrow down to the number that you want to track. Depending on the type of widget and service, the options are either populated automatically or require the user to enter the data.

Profile object



Add to Siri

You can record a personalized phrase to add any metric from your dashboard to Siri. Read more…

Change Notifications

If the switch is ON, Numerics notifies you when a widget’s value changes, even if the app is in the background. Numerics dynamically chooses when to refresh the widget depending upon the type of widget, the service and service API rate limits. When the app is in the background, it uses the background refresh API to check and update the widgets. Read more…

Show on Apple Watch

If you’d like to track a KPI on your Apple Watch, turn this switch ON. Read more…

Display Options:

Tint Color

This option lets you choose the color for the widget from the pre-defined colors. Tap ‘Default’ to see the other color options available.

Tint color

Show Source in Dashboard

This option lets you see the service logo, widget name and profile object names at the bottom of the widget in dashboard view.

Show source info