Kate is the assistant marketing manager of Acme Corporation. Her primary responsibility is ensuring that each digital marketing team member delivers their tasks timely and accurately.

Kate delegates responsibilities to team members, monitor their progress and offer support when needed. She leads team meetings, monitors marketing budget, communicates progress to management and executive teams.

She needs to ensure that marketing team stays focused, organized and within budget. She has several KPIs to track from multiple services like Facebook, Google Analytics, Simple Analytics, Instagram, Pinterest and Intercom.

Thankfully, all Acme Corporation staff use Numerics as their Business Dashboard app which helps her immensely to accomplish all the tasks. Let us now see how Kate use Numerics collaboration feature to drive and coordinate her digital marketing team toward the marketing goals.

Team Members

SEO specialist:

John is the SEO specialist responsible for maximizing the amount of inbound traffic to your websites through keyword integration and SEO analytics. He works with the content marketer and the website developer. He needs to track KPIs from Google Analytics and Simple Analytics service integrations in Numerics.

Data analyst:

Claire is the data analyst responsible for helping the team understand the success of strategies, make informed marketing decisions and discover ways to improve upon the methods in the future. She needs to track all the KPIs from all the service integrations.

Public relations manager:

James is the public relations manager responsible for improving the public perception of Acme Corporation. He not only tracks the customer sentiment, but also develops customer outreach and social media campaigns. He needs to track KPIs from Intercom, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest service integrations.

Brand strategist:

Juliet is the brand strategist responsible for helping the team to make important decisions that could influence the consistency of the brand’s image. She needs to track all the KPIs from all the service integrations.

Content marketer:

Desmond is the content marketer responsible for writing, editing and publishing text and web copy for promotional use. He is managing the website, social media page and advertisement content. He needs to track KPIs from Google Analytics and Simple Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Rebrandly and Pinterest service integrations.

Website developer:

Shannon is the website developer responsible for building and maintaining company’s web pages in coordination with the rest of the team. She needs to track KPIs from Google Analytics and Simple Analytics service integrations.

PPC specialist:

Richard is the Pay-per-click (PPC) specialist who oversees all of the team’s paid digital advertising efforts. He needs to track KPIs from Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads service integrations.

Team Devices

Every team member has iPhone, iPad, MacOS and Apple Watch devices. They sync their Numerics dashboards across all devices using their own iCloud account. Additionally, the meeting room and the large office has Apple TVs synced with assistant marketing manager Kate’s iCloud account with Numerics app open all the time.

Regular Use of Numerics

Each team member tracks the KPIs they are responsible for via their devices. They also enable Numerics notifications and Siri to easily reach the data during the busy working schedule.

In case of any abrupt changes in trends or changes that might require a different marketing approach ASAP, the relevant branches immediately huddle and perform analysis before reporting to the manager.

If KPIs fall in the expected value range, using Numerics widgets, branches prepare for the daily brief in which they discuss the ways to increase efficiency and set higher goals to achieve better results.

Decision Brief

Recently, the company has suffered a setback in the number of customers and the digital marketing team is given the task of reaching new customers. As a manager, Kate discusses the overall marketing efforts with the Analyst Claire using Numerics widgets on iPad and afterwards orders the team members to prepare a decision brief. The decision brief key points are as follows:

Maximizing website traffic:

Kate creates a dashboard in her Numerics app, adds Google Analytics and Simple Analytics widgets that she sees as necessary and starts a collaboration with the team. Team members, specifically Shannon, Desmond, Juliet and John, individually add additional widgets to the dashboard using their own accounts for all the team to track until the decision brief. Here is how the dashboard looks like after the collaboration configuration:

Website Traffic

Optimizing customer relation efforts:

Kate wants an overview on customer relations performance while planning to reveal and discuss any potential correlation between the sufficiency of customer reach efforts and the coinciding campaign launches. She creates a dashboard, adds Simple Analytics and Intercom widgets using the same timespans for comparison and adds Juliet and James to the collaboration list with edit rights to populate the widgets. Here is how the dashboard looks like after the collaboration configuration:

Customer Reach

Evaluate Advertisement Performance:

Kate also creates ‘Ad Performance’ dashboard, starts a collaboration with edit permission for Richard to add technical KPIs by using the widgets of Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads service integrations. All the rest of the team has view only rights. Here is how the dashboard looks like:

Ad Performance

Social Media Page Management:

Kate mainly tasks Desmond to add Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest page related KPI widgets to a new dashboard and encourages all the team members to edit the dashboard in order to evaluate company’s social media presence while performing and interdisciplinary approach.

Social Media Page

Kate knows that the collaboration is a continuous process which welcomes any updates like adding/removing widgets, changing widget configurations, changing service accounts for widgets. As a result, until a very important brief which potentially will result in a course of action for the company, she ensures that all the team members have access to the relevant and up to date data before their valuable contribution to the meeting.

She also invites the manager and higher level executives to the dashboard in view only mode where they can only view the dashboard without editing rights.

Advantages of Numerics Collaboration Feature

  • The owner of the dashboard may set the boundaries for the team to work on, but has the power to provide a flexible approach for populating the dashboard as well.
  • Every team member has access to relevant and updated KPIs to observe.
  • The data is securely shared with no access to account related data by the participants.
  • The iCloud infrastructure provides a swift and reliable way for data updates.
  • No individual configuration and extra amount of work needed for each member of the team to create the same dashboards.
  • The team based approach helps decision making process by the contribution of every team member and their unique perspective.
  • It significantly lowers the preparation time for group involving activities.
  • It lowers the risk of individual mistakes like missing important KPIs or using incorrect widget configurations.