Share a dashboard snapshot

Annotate, obfuscate or highlight the dashboard snapshot before sharing

Dashboard snapshot

Numerics enables you to take a screenshot of the entire dashboard and share or save it as an image. To take a snapshot, tap the Share button to open the share menu and tap on “Share a snapshot”. Numerics generates a snapshot and presents the full image. You can scroll to see if all the numbers have been captured as you’d like to share them. Then hit the Share button in the top right corner to share the snapshot.

Annotate snapshot

You can share further insights and observations by adding annotations or highlighting important numbers on the dashboard snapshot before sharing it. You can annotate using your finger or using the new Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro.

When in snapshot mode, you can choose to annotate certain areas if you’d like to. Scroll to the area you’d like to annotate and tap on the pencil button in the bottom right corner to enter annotation mode. Choose a color and highlight the numbers with your finger.

Numerics also supports the Apple Pencil for annotations on the iPad Pro. It takes advantage of Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity and tilt detection making your annotations feel more expressive and natural. The strokes are thicker when more force is applied and thinner when you write fast. Further, if you tilt the Apple Pencil to over 70 degrees, as if you are shading, the pencil turns into an Obfuscator. In this mode, the strokes become broad and thick and can be used to obscure any numbers or widgets you don’t want to share in the snapshot. It’s just like using a white ink marker on paper to hide selective text.