Share dashboard as a template

Share your dashboard template with others without sharing your data

Once you’ve created a dashboard, you can choose to share it as a template with colleagues.

Export dashboard as a template

The Numerics template file is a secure way to quickly share and deploy dashboards across your team or the entire organization. No secure user account login information is shared with the exported template file. The Numerics dashboard template only includes the widget layout and widget configurations including title, notification choices, widget background colors and chosen profiles / views connected to the account. This means, that the user with whom you are sharing the template; will have to add their own accounts to the cloud or custom services of the widgets that are part of the template being imported. Additionally, if their account does not have access to the profiles / views that you have chosen to track on your dashboard, they will have to choose their own profiles or views.

Tap on the Share button next to the dashboard title in the navigation bar to reveal the share menu. Here choose “Share as Template” to share the dashboard as a template with colleagues. You can choose to share the template via AirDrop, Email, SMS, Slack or any other third party communication app that you have installed on your device.

Save dashboard as a template

You can save a dashboard as a template at a location of your choice, including iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other third party collaboration app that supports exporting files.

Tap on the Share button, choose “Save as Template”. This pops up the iCloud Drive interface. Navigate to the location where you’d like to save the template file and hit “Export to this location” in the bottom bar. If you’d like to save to another location, like Dropbox or Google Drive, tap on the Locations button in the top left corner to choose your preferred location.

Import dashboard as a template

A Numerics template file is a quick way to setup your dashboard. A Numerics template file shared by email, SMS or any other third party communication app can be directly imported into Numerics by tapping on it.

If you have Numerics installed on your device, tapping on the template file will launch Numerics with the import wizard to help guide you through the import process.

If the template is available at a location like iCloud drive or Dropbox, tap on the ‘+’ button in the Dashboards list and hit “Import Dashboard”. Next navigate to the location and choose the dashboard template file by tapping on it.

Once you’ve chosen the template file, the interactive walkthrough will guide you through the dashboard import process. Here are the steps:


Numerics automatically picks up the title as defined in the dashboard template. If you have a dashboard with the same name in your Numerics, it will prompt you to provide an alternate name.

Connect Accounts:

Numerics automatically picks up the accounts that are added to your Numerics for the various services used in the template being imported and displays them with the service names. If you’d like to change the account associated with a service, simply tap on the account and the accounts list will pop up. Here, you can choose an existing account or add a new one.

If there are no linked accounts found for the services that the widgets are being imported, you will be asked to add an account. Tap on “Choose Account” to add a new one.

Buy Numerics Pro:

If the template includes widgets that are part of the in-app Numerics Pro subscription, you will be prompted to first purchase the subscription, if not enabled already. If you have purchased the subscription already, you can restore it on your device, by tapping Restore.

Configure Widgets:

This screen displays the profiles / views that the widget will fetch the data for. You can continue with the profiles chosen in the template or choose to modify them here. If your account does not have access to the linked profiles / views, you will be prompted to choose one. Tap on the profiles to choose the right one.

Sometimes, even if you have added the account, the profiles don’t load. Simply tap on the refresh button in the top right corner to refresh the list of the profiles.

If you have all the accounts and access to all the views / profiles that were bundled in the template file, Numerics will automatically select them and complete the import.