Numerics for Apple Watch

Get your most important KPIs on the Apple Watch

Numerics lets you selectively add widgets to Numerics for Apple Watch. Here’s how you can setup widgets on your Apple Watch:

Setup Numerics for Apple Watch

Download the Numerics app for Apple Watch from the companion Watch app. On downloading, tap on the Numerics app and enable the “Show app for Apple Watch” switch to make it available on your watch. If you’d like to see a number as a Glance on your watch, enable the “Show in Glances” switch.

Add widgets to Apple Watch App

In the Numerics app on your iPhone, edit the widget that you’d like to see on your Apple Watch. In the Edit Widget screen, turn the “Show on Apple Watch” switch ON. Depending on the type of the widget, the widget on the Apple Watch displays a label, number or top value from a top list or the last value on the graph.

Add widgets as Glance

If Show in Glances is enabled in the companion Watch app on your iPhone, the first widget that you add will also be available as a Glance, by default.

To see a specific widget as a Glance, tap on it to zoom into it. Here, force tap on the widget to pop up the options and tap on the “Add to Glance” button.

Add widgets as Complication

Numerics allows you to add a number of your choice on the watch face as a complication. Numerics supports the Modular Large, Utilitarian Large and Utilitarian Small complication types. To enable the complication on a watch face, force tap on the watch face to get into Customize mode. Now, in the complication area that you’d like to see Numerics, use the digital crown to scroll through the available ones until you reach Numerics and set it.

By default the first widget added to Numerics will be available as a complication. To see a specific widget as a Complication on the watch face, tap on the widget in the watch app to zoom into it. Here force tap on the widget to pop up the options and tap on “Add to Complication” button.

The Modular face has a Multicolor option, coloring each of the complications in a different color and Numerics complications support it. The widget color set by you in Numerics reflects in the title of its complication when the Multicolor option is chosen.