PayPal dashboard app for the MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, TVOS and WatchOS

Dashboards for PayPal

Track your PayPal KPIs with Numerics Dashboards on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch

PayPal is a payment platform with a website and a phone app that enables payments between parties through online money transfers.

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1 pre-designed KPI

Freeform widgets with drag-n-drop re-ordering enable you to quickly connect data from Paypal and create a unique dashboard.

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Combine metrics

Securely connect to and visualize data from spreadsheets, legacy BI systems & databases alongside services like Salesforce within the business network.

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Multiple accounts

Generate deeper insights by co-relating KPIs from multiple PayPal accounts together on a single dashboard in Numerics.

PayPal KPIs

Following are all the pre-defined PayPal KPI dashboard widgets bundled with Numerics.

Account Balance

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.

Current balance

The current balance from your primary currency in your Paypal account.

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