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Track & share your Smartsheet KPIs in real-time with the Numerics dashboard app for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Numerics integrates with Smartsheet enabling you to visualize Smartsheet dashboards and help you manage your projects by tracking your plans, resources, and schedules.

With Numerics, track Smartsheet dashboard widgets and uncover actionable insights across your data. Now focus on the KPIs that matter most and make data-driven decisions anywhere, every time!

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Smartsheet is a modern work management platform that empowers companies of all sizes to scale and deliver value as business requirements evolve. Backed by enterprise-grade security, Smartsheet is used by more than 80% of the companies in the Fortune 500 to implement, manage, and automate processes across a broad array of departments and use cases.


Pre-built Smartsheet KPI Templates.

Easy-to-use widget templates that serve as the building blocks to customizing your Smartsheet dashboard.

Easy custom team performance dashboard design.

Connect with your Smartsheet account and create your own dashboards in minutes. No coding or training is required.

Smartsheet Dashboard Setup Guide

Secure, direct device-to-Smartsheet connections.

The only Smartsheet Dashboard tool on the planet that does not replicate your data and connects to the Smartsheet servers directly from your devices. No intermediary cloud servers, secure by design.

KPIs & Key Metrics for Smartsheet Dashboards

Build live team performance dashboards using the pre-designed Smartsheet dashboard widgets or KPI templates listed below.


Dashboard Visualization Type: Month Density.

Day density chart from dashboard

A day density chart from the chosen widget in your dashboard.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Gauge.

Gauge from dashboard

A gauge chart from the chosen widget in your dashboard.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Text Label.

Label from dashboard

A text label from the chosen widget in your dashboard.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Line Graph.

Line graph from dashboard

A line graph from the chosen widget in your dashboard.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.

Number from dashboard

A number metric from the chosen widget in your dashboard.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Pie Chart.

Pie chart from dashboard

A pie chart from the chosen widget in your dashboard.

Smartsheet Metrics Everywhere!

Have your KPIs & metrics break out of your team performance dashboard app into other parts of your devices.

Lock-screen widgets on your iPhone.

Keep track of your most important task management metrics of Smartsheet right from your iPhone lock screen.

Micro Smartsheet dashboards for your iOS Lock-screens
A mini Smartsheet dashboard for your MacOS Notification Center

Notification center widgets for your Mac.

Connect your Smartsheet metrics to your MacOS sidebar.

Smartsheet data driven home screens for your iOS Devices.

Native home screen widgets for your iPad & iPhone powered by data from your Smartsheet account.

A mini Smartsheet dashboard for your iOS home screen

Watch complications for your Apple Watch faces.

Design a custom team performance watch face using Smartsheet data.

Make Siri Smartsheet data aware!

“Hey Siri, what’s the goal completion rate?"

“Goal completion rate is 30.93% with a value of 1.4M USD revenue out of 4.18M.”

Collaboratively build dashboards with teams in real-time

Stream & share Smartsheet KPIs with other users.

Stream a team performance dashboard to other Numerics users & co-create dashboards with your team in real-time via secure iCloud sharing & collaboration with Messages.

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