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Track & share your UptimeRobot KPIs in real-time with the Numerics dashboard app for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Numerics integrates with UptimeRobot to bring monitoring and performance insights right to your fingertips. With this integration, you can easily track and visualize the performance of your website, servers, and applications in real-time. Numerics aggregates data from ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, Google Analytics, Google Sheets & a variety of tools in your tech stack - into a unified, infrastructure monitoring dashboard that is glanceable and easy to understand.

With Numerics, you never lose sight of how your website, servers, and applications are performing. Now focus on the KPIs that matter most and make data-driven decisions anywhere, every time!

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UptimeRobot is one of the most popular website monitoring services in the world trusted by 1,900,000 happy users!


Pre-built UptimeRobot KPI Templates.

Easy-to-use widget templates that serve as the building blocks to customizing your UptimeRobot dashboard.

Easy custom Dev Ops dashboard design.

Connect with your UptimeRobot account and create your own dashboards in minutes. No coding or training is required.

UptimeRobot Dashboard Setup Guide

Secure, direct device-to-UptimeRobot connections.

The only UptimeRobot Dashboard tool on the planet that does not replicate your data and connects to the UptimeRobot servers directly from your devices. No intermediary cloud servers, secure by design.

KPIs & Key Metrics for UptimeRobot Dashboards

Build live Dev Ops dashboards using the pre-designed UptimeRobot dashboard widgets or KPI templates listed below.

Current Status

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.

Average response time

The average value of reseponse times for a chosen monitor.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Gauge.

Down monitors ratio

A gauge for the number of monitors down for an account compared to the total number of available monitors.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.

Monitor status

The status code of the chosen monitor; 0-paused, 1-not yey checked, 2-up, 8-seems down, 9-down.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Gauge.

Monitor uptime ratio

A gauge for the uptime of a chosen monitor & timespan for an account compared to the total.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Gauge.

Monitor distribution by status

The number of monitors for a chosen account broken down by their status.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Gauge.

Paused monitors ratio

A gauge for the number of monitors paused for an account compared to the total available monitors.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Line Graph.

Response time trend

The response times for a chosen monitor, plotted on a line graph.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Gauge.

Up monitors ratio

A gauge for the number of monitors up for an account compared to the total number of available monitors.


Dashboard Visualization Type: Timer.

SSL expiration timer

A countdown timer to the SSL expiration date of the chosen monitor.

UptimeRobot Metrics Everywhere!

Have your KPIs & metrics break out of your Dev Ops dashboard app into other parts of your devices.

Lock-screen widgets on your iPhone.

Keep track of your most important infrastructure metrics of UptimeRobot right from your iPhone lock screen.

Micro UptimeRobot dashboards for your iOS Lock-screens
A mini UptimeRobot dashboard for your MacOS Notification Center

Notification center widgets for your Mac.

Connect your UptimeRobot metrics to your MacOS sidebar.

UptimeRobot data driven home screens for your iOS Devices.

Native home screen widgets for your iPad & iPhone powered by data from your UptimeRobot account.

A mini UptimeRobot dashboard for your iOS home screen

Watch complications for your Apple Watch faces.

Design a custom Dev Ops watch face using UptimeRobot data.

Make Siri UptimeRobot data aware!

“Hey Siri, what’s the uptime status of my website?"

“The uptime status of your webite is up since 336 days

Collaboratively build dashboards with teams in real-time

Stream & share UptimeRobot KPIs with other users.

Stream a Dev Ops dashboard to other Numerics users & co-create dashboards with your team in real-time via secure iCloud sharing & collaboration with Messages.

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