Shopify Dashboards on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch

Dashboards for Shopify

Track e-commerce store KPIs from Shopify with Numerics Dashboards on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch

Shopify is an e-commerce and point-of-sale software that helps merchants manage their online stores and customers.

Shopify Dashboards on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch

Numerics integrates with Shopify to help you create e-commerce dashboards to monitor business KPIs. Keep an eye on orders placed, abandoned checkouts and more using the Shopify integration in Numerics.

Numerics on the App Store

5 pre-designed KPIs

Get insights into the performance of your e-commerce store by tracking metrics like total number of orders, status of orders, product inventory in Numerics dashboards.

Combine metrics

Build e-commerce dashboards with KPIs using other integrations like WooCommerce & Stripe along with Shopify to measure overall store performance.

Multiple accounts

Connect to multiple Shopify accounts to monitor performance of all your e-commerce stores together on a single Numerics dashboard.

Shopify KPIs

Following are all the pre-defined Shopify KPI dashboard widgets bundled with Numerics.


Dashboard Visualization Type: Number

Total orders

The total number of orders placed on your online store.


Dashboard Visualization Type: Number

Abandoned checkouts

The total number of abandoned checkouts on your online store within your chosen timespan.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number

Orders by status

The total number of order placed on your online store for a selected status of order, payment and fulfillment within your chosen time span.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number

Product inventory

The quantity of your chosen product and its variant available for sale on your online store.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number

Total customers

The total number of customers who bought an item on your online store.

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