On the go dashboards

Take data-driven decisions anywhere with Numerics on your iPhone.

Metrics here, there, everywhere.

Add KPIs to Apple Watch.

Choose to have your most important numbers on your wrist. Just flick the “Show on Apple Watch” switch on any of your widgets in Numerics on your iPhone to add them to your Apple Watch dashboard.

Serverless. Processed entirely on your iPhone.

Numerics directly connects to your cloud services or data stores to aggregate, process and present dashboards on your iPhone in real time. We do not have any servers in between and do not replicate your data anywhere, except on your device.

All data is stored on your devices and in your iCloud database. All account credentials are encrypted at rest & in motion.

Design dashboards once and track metrics everywhere. 

iCloud sync ensures that your dashboards stay updated at all times across all devices.

Dive deeper with Handoff.

With iCloud Sync enabled, start with looking at a metric on your Apple Watch, then continue on your iPhone with a swipe from the Home Screen to zoom into the data. It’s one app that moves with you from your wrist to your palm.

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