Numerics v6

Numerics 6.0

Numerics 6.0 adds deep integrations with Siri & more iOS technologies making the experience of tracking your metrics more reliable, responsive and delightful.

Ask Siri - What's today's revenue?

Add to Siri

Get a brief description for any metric!

Record a personalized phrase to add a metric to Siri. Just say the words and Siri responds to your query with a quick spoken brief of the current values.

Works With:

Works with AirPods Works with Homepod
Ask Siri for your favorite KPI metric

Shortcuts app integration

Design daily briefs in the Shortcuts app

Create your own shortcut to build a custom briefing by combining multiple metrics important to you with the Shortcuts app.

Numerics on Apple Watch

All new

Enriched Watch app

The zoom view offers a unique perspective for each metric with a supporting gauge visualization representing a comparative progress.


Infograph watch faces

Lift your wrist to see your KPI

Numerics now supports all the 8 complications on the new Infograph watch face. The carefully designed complication gauges present a unique view for each metric.

Secure dashboards with FaceID

Re-designed for all sizes

Re-designed to take advantage of the new dimensitons of the display, Numerics for the Apple Watch works beautifully on all the sizes of both Series 3 & Series 4.

Secure dashboards with TouchID

Ask Siri

Get instant access to your metrics using your Siri voice shortcuts on the Apple Watch. Voice commands setup for metrics on your iPhone, work on the watch out-of-the-box!

All New Visualizations

Track your KPIs using 2 new functional visualizations

Image Image

The Gauge Visualization

Visually track your progress with gauge charts using data from your business applications.

Gauge Visualization

Hands-free progress reports

Add your most important guage visualization to Siri. Say your personalized phrase and Siri will respond back with the current status and the percentage of progress achieved towards your target. All without lifting a finger!

Ask Siri - My Pipeline status

Track progress with complications

Add the gauge widget as a complication on the Infograph watch face to see your progress at a quick glance.


The Timer Visualization

Track big goals and events in time with live count-up & count-down timers.

The Timer Visualization

Easy access countdowns from Today view

Keep an eye on time remaining for important events from your Today screen.

Timer Visualization

Live timers on the watch

Add timer widgets to your watch to track your timers counting up or down to an event in realtime.

New Widgets

All custom API integrations along with some other services now bundle the gauge and timer visualizations.

Amazon API Gateway
Excel Office 365
Google BigQuery
Google Spreadsheets

New iPad Pro support

Get a full view of your business with edge to edge Numerics dashboards on the new liquid retina displays of the iPad Pro.


New Apple Pencil support

When sharing a screenshot, double tap on your new Apple Pencil to switch between annotating and scrolling through it.


External display presentation mode

Quick presentation mode that lets you interactively broadcast selected metrics to the big screen, via:

Airplay dashboards

Stream selected metrics to TVs with Airplay support.


Stream selected metrics to connected displays via USB-C from your iPad Pro.

New Integrations

Numerics v6 adds some of the most user requested integrations:



Stay on top of project performance by tracking metrics from Asana.



Keep an eye on your ARR, MRR, customer churn rate and more using over a dozen pre-defined metrics with the Baremetrics integraion.


Google Calendar

Setup countdowns to your next meetings from Google Calendar.



Get insights into your Website, App or E-Commerce sites with over 25 pre-defined KPI widgets with the HitSteps integration.



Monitor your Linkedin company page followers, company updates and likes in one dashboard.



Keep track of your Twitch followers, views and stream viewers on a single dashboard.


Zoho Reports

Uncover relevant metrics from important data across Zoho Applications by creating effective dashboards using the new Zoho Reports integration.

Apple TV Portrait

Experimental Feature

Numerics on Apple TV in Portrait mode

Display team dashboards in a vertical setting with the new experimental Portrait mode in Numerics for Apple TV with full support for Siri remote. Turn the setting on and hold the Siri Remote in landscape mode to navigate through the app!

And so much more

  • Smarter: Widgets now automatically re-query (within API usage limits) when zoomed.
  • Conextual: Zoom mode now shows the time passed since the data last changed. Tap on it to get the exact date time.
  • Accessible: Restyled Today widgets with more appropriate post-fixes.
  • Informative: Restyled notifications with dashboard titles give richer context to the updated metric.
  • Integrated: Add an Intercom account using your Google login.
  • Refreshed APIs: Updated WooCommerce, Salesforce, Pingdom, Wordpress, YouTube to support their latest APIs
  • Better Connected: Removed some Facebook, Trello, Pinterest widgets due to APIs deprecated by these services.
  • Reliable: Re-engineered background updates ensure your numbers are always up-to-date on the complication faces and in the app.

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