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Launch the app, type your search, and find what you’re looking for on any search engine. If you can’t find it on Google, maybe you’ll find it on Amazon or eBay. It’s just two taps to try your search on every engine, so it’s the fastest way to find your answer. Phlo comes preloaded with over 30 popular sites, and you can easily add more. It’s your one search box that searches everywhere.

Phlo is built for iOS 7 with support for link sharing via AirDrop, automatic text resizing with Dynamic Type, fast navigation with edge swipe gestures, and more.

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Phlo for iOS
  • “The Phlo app is like Kayak for web search.”
  • “Phlo is great and it has some pretty useful features over my previous multi-search tool ”
  • “Check out Phlo if you have been wanting a fast searching tool to get results immediately”
  • “Phlo is a superbly executed idea that is packaged well too. It’s usable and useful in equal measure.”
  • “Phlo is a very focused tool and is going to save a lot of people a fair bit of time in their searching efforts”
Phlo for iPad

Key Features

  • Switch between results on any site without retyping your search term
  • Saved history of your searches—put an end to endless re-typing
  • Instant search suggestions from your history, Google and Bing as you type
  • Nifty ‘re-use’ button to edit or tweak search phrases from your history or suggestions
  • Swipe to copy or delete search terms from the history
  • Open links and results in Safari or Chrome
  • Add new sites to search using free Phlo Assistant desktop browser extension
  • Share links with others using AirDrop, Messages, Email, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp
  • Save links for later using Safari Reading List, Instapaper or Readability
Search everywhere from every device with Phlo Sync

Search everywhere from every device with Phlo Sync

Search using Phlo on your Mac, where you can call it up with a keyboard shortcut. Launch Phlo on your iPhone and iPad as your one app for all searches. Access all your search history and saved sites across devices using the Phlo Sync service. Using the free Phlo Assistant browser extension, you can add your favorite sites to your Phlo account with one click.

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