Track WooCommerce Sales Stats with Numerics Business Dashboards

Numerics, the on-the-go business dashboard app for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch, today introduces integration with the popular eCommerce platform WooCommerce. The new integration enables WooCommerce site owners to measure sales trends and track performance of products sold on their online stores in intuitive graphs, pie charts, top lists and number tallies. v4.4 also improves integration with Google Analytics to now present Goal Conversion stats alongside eCommerce stats. Continue reading


Monitor internal business KPIs with custom integrations in Numerics 4.3

Numerics, the unified business dashboard app for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV, in its newest update introduces integrations to help users get their KPIs from Google BigQuery, Amazon API Gateway and DreamFactory alongside numbers from various cloud services. v4.3 also adds HelpScout, Pinterest along with new Google Analytics integrations that support Google Adsense, Adwords, AdExchange, Ecommerce and Double Click Campaign manager. Continue reading



Numerics supports iPad Pro and Apple Pencil on launch

Numerics, the unified business dashboard app for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV is now updated to support the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Numerics v4.2, also adds 3D Touch Support for iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus and integrates with a new service – Intercom, a customer communication platform. Continue reading


Numerics for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch now supports iOS 9 & watchOS 2

Numerics, the unified business dashboard app to track key performance metrics from various cloud services on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV & Apple Watch has been updated to support iOS 9 & watchOS 2. Numerics 4.1 adds support for all the new iOS 9 productivity features including Split View, Slide Over & Spotlight Search. Numerics for Apple Watch is completely re-designed from the ground up with the new watchOS 2 paradigms and introduces complications for Modular, Utility & Mickey Mouse watch faces. Continue reading


Get everyone on the same page with Numerics 4

Numerics, the best business dashboard app for the iOS, in its newest update, makes it easy for large scale deployment of Numerics dashboards across teams. Numerics 4 enables creation of dashboard templates that can be used to create pre designed dashboards for users across teams and organizations. Version 4 also introduces backup and restore functionality allowing users to keep their dashboard configuration safe & to take their dashboard setups from one device to another. Continue reading