Press Release announces the Partner Program announced the launch of its 3 Tier affiliate Partner Program that promises partners commissions of 15% of the sale value on a purchase, a recurring 5% on renewals and 20% on upgrades.

Wilmington, DE — November 13, 2006 The Partner Program is targeted at Software Resellers, SystemsIntegrators, Bloggers, IT consultants or Independent SoftwareDevelopers, Webmasters, Super Affiliates, ISPs, ASPs, and Web hosting companies, Telecoms, franchisors or anyone with a good market reach and viewer-ship and a passion for the technology business.

The Partner Program enables you to add one of the most advanced SaaS based enterprise offerings to your own product gamut.

Signing up for the partner program is absolutely FREE. The partner program benefits include commissions of 15% of the SALE value when a referred customer makes a purchase. Partners also earn a comfortable recurring 5% on RENEWALS and a whopping 20% on UPGRADES.Partners can further increase their monthly income by referring other webmasters/resellers to join the Partner Program and benefit from the 3 TIER commission levels ( 5/3/5 % commissions for second tier; 3/1/3 % commissions for the third tier for sales/renewals/upgrades respectively). In addition to this, the program also offers PERFORMANCE BASED increase in % commissions on Sales, Renewals & Upgrades.

Anyone can apply for the partner program, and it costs nothing to join.All partners get access to the partner console, where they can monitor their campaigns and profits.

ThePartner Program offers a portfolio of technical, marketing and sales resources designed to facilitate a partner’s ability to grow business,reach new customers and stay on top of the latest marketing and competitive trends. is an Enterprise Bliki service delivered as a Software-as-a-Service offering, meant for teams and groups of any size, from a two member team to a 5,000 user enterprise. believes that an innovation like requires all to work together to deliver value for customers and to drive adoption of Partners and Evangelists are a very important channel for and through the Partner Program, intends to create an attractive avenue to generate residual income and increase profits for it’s value network.

To join the Partner Program, head over to:

About (pronounced: “sign-in”) empowers teams, companies or communities to create, manage, organize, store, version, search through, collaborate& discuss upon, share, publish and broadcast any kind of information or data. manages rich content, audio, video, images, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, archives and any types of files.

Applications and uses of Being a versatile system, can be applied to various technology verticals, namely:

Knowledge Management Document Management Enterprise Content Management Digital Asset Management Secure Online File Storage Version Control System Group Collaboration Content Delivery and RSS casting Personal Information Management Community and Enterprise BlogsCorporate Intranets Integrated Word Processor

About Cynapse

Cynapse invents technology that applies to and benefits everyday life.

Cynapse has been creating technology and technology platforms for collaboration systems and information management systems since the last 5 years, and has delivered various successful products such as and Amieo. is the cumulative result of Cynapse’s 5 years of research towards collaboration, productivity and communication.