Press Release Desktop built with Adobe AIR offers instant collaboration directly to the desktop introduces the first open source cross platform desktop collaboration tool for the enterprise. Access, search and collaborate on the information stored in with real time discussions, desktop microblogging and live search.

Wilmington, DE: 27th November 2008: The desktop client (beta) is a dashboard to the web-based open source software tool, developed by Cynapse. The desktop client creates an ambient awareness amongst users by providing a real time activity stream of updates from the site. An edit or comment on any content bubbles up the item’s info-tile to the top for all users who have access rights to it. Instant discussions provide an immersive instant messaging like experience, with the distinction of using the activity stream as your IM roster or buddy list. Users can start and participate in discussions on wikis, documents and use the microblogging feature to initiate conversations!


The slick interface of the desktop, made on the latest Flex SDK v3.2 and Adobe AIR v1.5, brings together the responsiveness of the desktop and the connectivity offered by the web. Users can search for data stored on right from their desktop, view the content and discuss on it, converting simple conversations into reusable knowledge. Knowledge which would have otherwise been lost inside email inboxes or instant messaging logs.

According to Dhiraj Gupta, CTO Cynapse, The desktop would not have been possible without the amazing Adobe AIR platform. AIR matched Cynapse’s beliefs for the best the way to deliver RIA (rich internet application) to the desktop and hence was the logical next step.

The desktop client is open source and is available for download from the community site. “Open sourcing software is the best way to create the best software possible, because it benefits from both peer review and contributions” says Dhiraj. “We benefit from open source projects, everything from javascript libraries to entire application servers. Making open source is our way of giving back to the community”

While the client was in internal beta for over 3 months, it has been actively used by over 2000 users. In a detailed survey conducted with these users, over 80% agreed that the desktop increased their own personal usage of by 50%. Most of the companies implementing the beta (along with v2.1) agreed that adoption of within their employees had doubled in just 6 weeks of usage.

The desktop is the first open source enterprise level application built in AIR enabling an engaging user experience. Learn more about the desktop and details on the download in our blog.