Press Release

Get everyone on the same page with Numerics 4

Numerics, the best business dashboard app for the iOS, in its newest update, makes it easy for large scale deployment of Numerics dashboards across teams. Numerics 4 enables creation of dashboard templates that can be used to create pre designed dashboards for users across teams and organizations. Version 4 also introduces backup and restore functionality allowing users to keep their dashboard configuration safe & to take their dashboard setups from one device to another.

13th Aug 2015 – Mumbai, India: Cynapse today is excited to announce the release of Numerics 4 – the best business dashboard app for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Numerics is used by thousands of businesses to effectively track and visualize the vast amounts of metrics they generate on a daily basis. Integrations with a variety of services in Numerics, bring together numbers from different sources, so that the entire business picture can be unified and analyzed in one dashboard. The new version focuses on making Numerics a better team player.

Numerics 4 introduces Dashboard Templates enabling users to create templates from their dashboards and share these templates with their teams to deploy the dashboards across the organization. Templates can be shared via email, iMessage, Slack or any iOS communication or file handling app. Opening dashboard templates in Numerics instantly creates new dashboards and connects them to the users accounts using the snappy import tool.

The latest version of Numerics also introduces a shiny new Backup and Restore functionality. Numerics can now create automatic encrypted backups of the entire Numerics setup to Apple’s iCloud. Numerics backups can also be exported to Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. to restore all dashboards and accounts from one device to another. The new Backup and Restore functionality provides a secure way for users to keep their Numerics dashboard configurations safe and take it with them to their other iOS devices.

Numerics 4 adds 5 of the most asked for service integrations including Gmail, Podio, Pingdom, Wunderlist and Custom JSON with Basic Authentication. With these new integrations, users can visualize their data from over 30 services using intuitive graphs, charts and numbers. The Custom JSON connector with Basic Authentication enables users to bring in KPIs from using a JSON API from a custom business software protected by a login. Once connected, Numerics can consume and render 9 unique types of widgets out of custom data from any internal business system with minimal programming. The business software simply needs to output the desired data in a JSON format compliant with the Numerics Widget Data Specification that is well documented within the app.

Numerics 4 also packs in various small improvements and bug fixes. An entire list of What’s New is available on the App Store.