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Localscope v2.5 Introduces a New, Redesigned Icon and the Localscope API

Location browser app for the iPhone, Localscope, unveiled today, a shiny new app icon. The new icon design brings Localscope’s philosophy of simplicity in form and function to the forefront. The new version also introduces the new Localscope API, enabling third party apps to launch the Localscope app to search and discover.

12th July 2012 – Mumbai, India – Cynapse is excited to reveal the new Localscope app icon with the latest version release 2.5. The red location pointer has become the symbolizing element of Localscope that points users to their desired locations. The new icon puts the pointer in the center, is bright yet simplified and better reflects the philosophy and design principles that Cynapse lives by.

“In the past few years, the red location pointer available in various screens of Localscope has been pointing users worldwide to relevant locations around them. The pointer visually connects information on the users screen to points in the real world enabling them to locate their desired places and has become one of the most symbolic elements of Localscope.” said Romasha Roy Choudhury, Chief Evangelist, Cynapse. “The shiny new icon is a simplified version of the original Localscope icon that better represents everything Localscope stands for and reflects our continuous focus on simplicity.”

The new version enables third party applications to use the Localscope app to search for and discover geo tagged information via the Localscope API.

“This is a great opportunity to partner with third party applications to create a symbiotic ecosystem. We encourage developers to adopt the API and would love to integrate their feedback to enhance the API in the future versions” added Romasha Roy Choudhury.

Localscope API is launching today with integrated support for the popular Launch Center Pro app.

The new version also updates the Twitter icon with their new logo and adds various stability and performance improvements.

Pricing and Availability Localscope is available for US $1.99 (or equivalent amount in other currencies) exclusively on the App Store in the Navigation category. If you’re interested in reviewing Localscope, get in touch with us and we’ll gladly provide a promo code.

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