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Numerics for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch now supports iOS 9 & watchOS 2

Numerics, the unified business dashboard app to track key performance metrics from various cloud services on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV & Apple Watch has been updated to support iOS 9 & watchOS 2. Numerics 4.1 adds support for all the new iOS 9 productivity features including Split View, Slide Over & Spotlight Search. Numerics for Apple Watch is completely re-designed from the ground up with the new watchOS 2 paradigms and introduces complications for Modular, Utility & Mickey Mouse watch faces.

1st October 2015 – Mumbai, India: Cynapse is thrilled to announce Numerics v4.1 that leverages the new iOS 9 features and the new capabilities of the watchOS 2.

Numerics Business Dashboards for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch is designed to get the guesswork out from the decision making process. It displays live analytics, engagement metrics, revenue, and more from over 30 cloud services or even custom data sources in customizable dashboards, giving professionals an invaluable window into the numbers that matter most.

With Numerics 4.1, users can now multitask while using the app alongside any other on supported devices. Numerics has been optimized for Multitasking such that widgets adapt and reflow to fit each of the different split view scenarios uniquely. As a secondary app in the slide over mode, Numerics works in a fully functional compact mode and is super useful for keeping an eye on key numbers while working on other stuff.

Numerics also introduces Spotlight search support. Users can now search for any metric they’ve added in Numerics from the iOS home screen and see a quick preview of the number right there. The typography of the entire app has also been revamped to use the beautiful new San Francisco font for crisper dashboards across all screen sizes.

Numerics 4.1 is completely re-designed from the ground up with the new watchOS 2 paradigms. Numerics for Apple Watch now offers complications for the Modular, Utility and Mickey Mouse watch faces. Any of the Numerics widgets can be set to show in the large complication zones of either of the watch faces. The new self-sufficient Numerics for Apple Watch now keeps in sync with its companion app on the iPhone in real time and ensures users are always looking at the freshest numbers when they lift their wrists.

Along with the big updates, Numerics v4.1 also bundles in numerous framework improvements and fixes.

A complete list of What’s New in v4.1 is available on the App Store.

Pricing and Availability The Numerics v4.1 update is free for existing users and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Business Category.

To celebrate the launch of the new version, the price of Numerics has been dropped by 50% for a limited time.

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