Press Release

Numerics makes Siri aware of your business metrics

Numerics 6, connects Siri to your key performance indicators giving you handsfree access to the numbers that matter most to you. Users can request Siri for a quick update of their numbers using their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and even AirPods and HomePod.

12th March, Mumbai, India: Numerics 6, the latest version of the realtime business dashboard app, integrates deeply with Siri to deliver a handsfree experience of tracking business performance metrics. Customers can ask Siri questions about metrics tracked in their Numerics dashboards to hear Siri respond with a spoken brief for that KPI. Each visualization has a carefully designed spoken description that provides deeper insight into the metric via Siri, without opening the app. This makes Numerics usable in a handsfree, voice only mode and hence compatible with HomePods and AirPods. So users can ask Siri about a metric on their dashboard using any Siri device and be instantly updated with the latest numbers.

“Being a native app on the Apple ecosystem allows Numerics to extend the power of Siri like no other dashboard solution in the market.” said Viraf Sarkari, COO, Cynapse. “Numerics 6 weaves the power of Siri into its DNA enabling customers to always have access to their KPIs via voice.”

Once a metric is added to Siri, the custom voice commands set by the user are synchronized across all their iCloud connected devices and work out-of-the-box! The incredibly useful integration with the Apple Shortcuts app lets users combine multiple metrics to build custom reports that Siri can speak out when triggered. This is perfect for creating a ‘Morning Briefing’ shortcut, that will trigger Siri to speak out a brief of select KPIs.

Numerics 6 adds 2 new capabilities to its feature set - Gauge and Timer. The new gauge is designed to be a barometer of progress towards business targets and can be used to track sales & marketing goals, revenue performance or any metric with a defined objective. The Timer visualization allows users to track the timespan from or to an event in real time count-up and count-down timers. Uniquely designed to display a live timer custom tailored for the various form factors of all supported devices and extensions, the timer visualization ensures users have a realtime counter to their important event in the most relevant and clear format.

Numerics 6 on the Apple Watch has been re-designed to take advantage of the new dimensions of Apple Watch Series 4. Numerics adds support for all the complication slots on the new Infograph watch faces. Re-designed to use the new gauges and dials, Numerics complications give the user a rich overview of the health of their KPI in a quick glance, right from their watch face. Numerics on the Apple Watch sports an all new design with beautifully structured metrics, rounded widgets and brighter colors.

The latest version also adds 7 new integrations - Asana, Baremetrics, Google Calendar, Hitsteps, Linkedin, Twitch, & Zoho Analytics. With these new integrations, customers can now visualize their data from 50+ services.

Numerics 6 takes advantage of all the cutting-edge technologies enabled by Apple’s hardware and software to deliver a secure and seamless dashboard experience for customers. The new update is packed with great new features for iOS 12, watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 - including support for the iPhone Xr & Xs Max, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and more. A full list of all that’s new is available on the App Store.

Numerics 6 is now available worldwide exclusively on the App Store.