Press Release

Phlo 3 for iOS, Mac lets everyone type once, search everywhere for free

Cynapse today released Phlo 3 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, a big update to the app Fast Company called “like Kayak for web search.” Cynapse wants to help the world search faster and across more places, so Phlo 3 is now free for everyone.

18th February 2014 – Mumbai, India Phlo 3 for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is a liberating update to Cynapse’s essential one search box that searches everywhere. With a single tap you can search Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, and 30 other built-in services, including any additional services you add yourself. For the new Phlo 3, Cynapse reduced the price to free to help everyone find what they need faster.

With Phlo 3’s new price of free, the yearly price for Phlo Sync is now just $1.99. Phlo Sync is the extremely useful way to bring along all your search history across every service, synced between iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and available everywhere you go.

Also New in Phlo 3 for iPhone and iPad is a Quick Filter that helps you find the right search service even faster. There’s a new refresh button in the browser, and a redesigned foundation improves performance across the board. Finally, Phlo 3 for Mac is now optimized for OS X Mavericks. Phlo Assistant, the easiest way to add new search services to Phlo from Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, remains a free download.

Pricing and Availability Phlo 3 is available now for iPhone, iPad, and Mac as a free update for existing users and free to new users. Phlo Sync is an in-app purchase of just $1.99 per year. If you’re a writer and need an App Store review code or have any questions, please email us at