Overview of Sync.in features

clockCo-edit notes in real time

Multiple people can edit the same document simultaneously, any changes reflect on everyone’s screen instantly. Groups of people working remotely can use Sync.in to brainstorm ideas or collaborate on creating a document.

socialnetworksSuper easy sharing

Invite friends and colleagues to co-edit notes easily by sharing the note link over IM, Facebook, Twitter, Cyn.in and other social networks

chatTalk it out

Chat with active collaborators in real time. Chat history is maintained along with the note, creating always persistent knowledge.

paletteColor highlight trails for each author

Everybody’s edits to the note show up as a different color making it very easy to know who contributed what to the document. Users can choose a color of their choice from a predefined swatch of colors.

Travel in time

Missed out on the live action? Rewind and replay all activity using the time slider. The Time slider is a revolutionary new way to view the evolution of a document. It plays an animation of the document to see how it evolved over time. Yellow stars in the timeline are like bookmarks to revisions.time-slider_0

refreshInfinite undo history

All changes are saved on the server and can be undone at any time.

Manage chaos

Lots of action on one document? Important versions can be marked easily with a click. Renaming versions enables you to find a previous revision easily.

folder_acceptNo lock-in. Export your notes

Export all notes as HTML files or Plain Text. Bookmark Files enables you to create a browser bookmark to your note. Its a great way to save links to all the free notes that you create!

Stylize notes in the word processor

Use bold, italics, bullets etc. in the word processor to stylize your note

Advanced Features

users_0Your team, your site

Get your own secure Sync.in site at http://your-team.sync.in with users for everyone in your team.

deleteManage and organize your work

Archive, delete even un-delete your notes along with their older revisions. Bulk export everything out in a snap.

Track your team activity

List all notes in the team site and filter them by authors to find relevant information easily.

FindSearch for notes

Live Search in the desktop client searches for notes as you type and allows quick access to them right from your desktop.

PadlockPrivate notes

Don’t like the idea of collaborating on publicly visible notes? All notes in your team site are accessible only to your team by default.

Password protect individual notes

Top secret collaboration? Set a password to permit access to a note. This feature coupled with Public notes makes Sync.in a great tool to securely collaborate in realtime with your value network even outside of your team.

Selective public access

Make some notes public and collaborate with anyone in the world (even with people who are not users of your site).

security_0Go extra secure

Optionally secure all communication over encrypted SSL (HTTPS).

Quick access note list

Quickly access the note list from the Sync.in Desktop client. Filtered set of notes that you have worked on are displayed as “My Notes”.


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