Why Sync.in Pro?

Key advantages of using Sync.in for collaboration

syncin-pro-pricingYour team, your site

Teams and businesses can procure their own secure Sync.in Pro site at http://yourcompany.sync.in with users for everyone in the team. The Sync.in Pro site enables you keep track of all notes being created and collaborated upon by your team and share them privately only within your team.

List notes and track activity

A global list of notes within your Sync.in site enables you to track contributors and contributions across all notes. Filter notes by contributors to find relevant information easily. Live notes being edited by users are listed separately with contributors.

Private rename-able notes for members

All notes in your team site are accessible only to your team by default. Notes can be renamed to a more memorable note id unlike free notes that have machine generated names.

Public notes

Selectively make notes public and invite your value network (even people who are not users of your site) to collaborate with your team. Notes can be shared by Email, over IM, with any of your friends from your social networks like: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Cyn.in or any other network through Ping.fm

Password protect individual notes

Private and public notes can be password protected to let only selective people access and edit the note. This feature, coupled with public notes makes Sync.in a great tool to securely collaborate in realtime with your value network outside of your team.

Manage, archive and delete your notes

Archive notes from the note list. These notes are accessible through the Archived Notes list. Notes can be deleted easily and deleted notes can be retrieved along with their older revisions.

Search notes

A growing list of notes becomes unmanageable after sometime. The Sync.in Desktop has a built in Live Search that lets Pro users search for notes right from their desktop.

Bulk export notes

Your notes are not locked with Sync.in Pro. Any time you want to discontinue using Sync.in, you can bulk export everything out in a snap in Zip format.


Optionally secure all communication over encrypted SSL (HTTPS).

Pay as you go users for your team. Free unlimited external users for public notes

Sync.in Pro is available at just $2/ user / month with a minimum of 5 users for a site. You can get up and running with your Sync.in Pro site immediately. You can add and remove users as your requirement increases or decreases. Unlimited external users can be invited to collaborate on a note.

Always available notes – dependability you can count on

Sync.in Pro sites hosted in the cloud infrastructure consistently deliver high reliability. That means when you need to access your notes, they’ll be there waiting for you, because we know you need them 24/7.

Help documentation

Help documentation for Sync.in is made available directly within your Sync.in site. Users can quickly access it and get answers to their questions.


Pro users get access to the Cynapse Customer Care Portal and can raise support tickets to get answers to questions / problems easily. The support tickets act as a great knowledge base that can be referred to at a later date.

Get started with a 30-day free trial of Sync.in Pro