Our prime directive is to invent technology that applies to and benefits everyday life.

Cynapse invents software that inter-connects people with each other and their collective knowledge. Our goal is to evolve the way knowledge workers communicate, collaborate and share information among themselves.

Cynapse creates technology that is simple to its users, solves fundamental problems and appeals to a wide variety of audience.

All our inventions follow these core principles. We build software products that are extremely Internet dependant and are roughly categorized in the domains of productivity, collaboration and information management.

Cynapse derives its name from synapse, the link between an axon and a dendrite in the human nervous system, literally engaging its meaning in its promise to connect and deliver at the speed of thought.

Cynapse was born on April 2001.

Over the years, Cynapse has garnered a team of bright, young entrepreneurs all dedicated on a single, common goal – to be responsible for their part in the creation of the next big thing.

Presenting the Cynapse Team

Apurva Roy Choudhury – CEO

Building Cynapse’s focus and direction is Apurva’s primary role. He is also the primary ideator of Cynapse products. His prior experience in founding multiple startups catering to various segments of the technology business gives him the skills required to lead and inspire a team of brilliant individuals.

Viraf Sarkari – COO

As head of operations, Viraf is responsible for keeping the ball rolling and our customers smiling. His 15+ years of technology management experience in Fortune500 companies helps in crafting our processes.

Romasha Roy Choudhury – Chief Evangelist

Romasha is responsible for evangelizing, communicating and helping people apply Cynapse technology. She concentrates on interfacing with the market and analyzing it. She currently leads cyn.in.