Quick Update: Numerics v2.1.1 now live

February 23, 2015 / no comments

Numerics-v2-1-1Numerics v2.1.1 is now available globally on the App Store. This release fixes issues with some of the Trello widgets, the Chargify integration and some more.

Numerics v2.1 introduced Trello integration enabling its users to get a statistical overview of the work getting done in Trello right on their iPhones or iPads. With 23 pre-designed widgets, Trello on Numerics presents some great insights in intuitive pie charts, funnel lists and number tallies.

Some widgets in the Trello Board Stats widget pack would fail if the Trello board had un-named labels. This has been fixed in v2.1.1. If you have a blank label in your Trello boards, Numerics will now ignore it and present totals and numbers based on labels that are named. Also, for the widgets that require users to choose the label, Numerics will not let you choose a blank label anymore.

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Get Numbers from Trello with Numerics v2.1

January 8, 2015 / no comments

Over 6 months ago, we moved to using Trello boards to manage our product development. The open endedness of Trello boards enabled us to quickly create and manage boards for our product release cycles, customer feedback, product roadmap and more. We soon had over 20 boards each buzzing with lots of lists and carefully crafted cards.

The team is loving it, but we had one issue. There was no easy way to get a statistical overview of the work getting done on Trello. We realized this must be an issue for a large number of  Trello users. As creators of Numerics we decided to integrate with Trello so it’s users worldwide using iOS devices can track and share their metrics. Today we’re excited to release Numerics v2.1 with Trello integration.

Track Trello Stats on iPad with Numerics Dashboard

Numerics v2.1 adds 4 Trello widget packs – Personal Stats, Organization Stats, List Stats and Board Stats – with 23 pre-designed widgets giving you some great insights presented in intuitive pie charts, funnel lists and number tallies. Continue Reading…

Apple features Numerics in the App Store Best of 2014!

December 8, 2014 / no comments

We are honored and excited to be chosen by Apple for the App Store Best of 2014 in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia &  Egypt! Check out the feature here – AppStore.com/Bestof2014

Numerics is App Store Best Of 2014

Each year Apple chooses the year’s most innovative and entertaining apps and games to showcase them on the App Store. This end-of-year feature, considered to be the Oscars of the App Store, is a great achievement for us and we are honored to be among the best on the App Store. And this is the second time Cynapse has been here! Continue Reading…