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Get Your Numbers Right with Numerics recommends Entrepreneur India

Entrepreneur IndiaGetting featured in a prominent magazine is always an exciting feeling, and the excitement is heightened when a customer happens to call in to tell you about it. We are thrilled to see Numerics featured in the September issue of the Entrepreneur India magazine. The magazine publishes business knowledge to enable entrepreneurs in India to conquer daily challenges of building a business.

The author loves Numerics’ features and says it is a Must-Have App in every entrepreneur’s iPhone or iPad. Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Figures or statistics in a business change almost every day whether they are about sales, revenue, visitors or subscriptions. It can be a cumbersome task for entrepreneurs, especially for those who are always on-the-go, to gather that data. Moreover, it can be really tough for them to wrap their brain around all those figures and be updated every time. However, here is a solution to that called Numerics.”

The business model has changed since the article was published, Numerics is now available for free on the App Store with premium widgets that are available in packs as a one time restorable purchase and unlimited use. We’ve also added a Custom JSON integration provider enabling you to get valuable data from your custom business software with minimal programming on the business system end.

Track Business Metrics with NumericsTrack Business Metrics with Numerics

Numerics is now free, includes Custom JSON integration to track business metrics from internal business systems

Today we’re releasing Numerics v1.1 with Custom JSON integration and removing the entry barrier to getting started with Numerics by making the app available as a free download.


Numerics v1.0 was applauded by the media, our customers loved it and Apple showcased it. Numerics was featured on the App Store homepage in India along with 78 other countries and prominently featured with a banner in the Business Category in the US and in various other lists. Numerics also got some awesome reviews from TUAW, iPad Insight, Springwise, iCulture and more.

But the most exciting element has been the ever encouraging feedback shared by our customers. While some of our users depend on Numerics for their daily dose of numbers on their iPhone or iPad, many have deployed it on dedicated big screens in their offices. We’ve received a large amount of feedback and our users are craving for more service integrations. The biggest feature request has been some way of connecting to custom internal business data from systems within the businesses network.

We understand that many businesses have their own set of custom business software that run behind their firewall and hold valuable data. So with v1.1 we are adding a Custom JSON integration provider that can consume and render 9 unique types of widgets out of custom data from any business system with minimal programming on the business system end. The business software simply has to output the desired data in a JSON format compliant with the Numerics Widget Data Specification that is well documented within the app. ( Sample JSON data can be obtained here ) This new integration will enable developers and business users to create mobile dashboards using their valuable data that resides in custom business software, alongside the 20+ integrations with popular cloud services.Custom-JSON

Numerics is designed to give businesses a better way to visualize their vital numbers in one place and make better decisions. We want to enable more users worldwide who depend on cloud services and apps to experience Numerics and take advantage of this powerful tool.

We released 1.0 as a paid app with a relatively high entry cost of $19.99 (or equivalent) but with all integrations and features available to all customers. This allowed us to build a small but very valuable set of early adopters who have been actively seeking for a solution like Numerics to create business dashboards and are glad to buy, use and provide valuable feedback about Numerics. It also helped to ‘kickstart’ a positive revenue stream for the app to fuel continuous development.

We think Numerics is now ready for the whole world to use. This version onwards, we are removing the price barrier and making Numerics available for free for the world to use. Users can now download Numerics and connect with the many free widgets from 20+ services. To track additional metrics, Numerics offers various premium widgets that are available for purchase in packs as one time restorable purchases and unlimited use. Premium in-app widget packs are priced depending upon the service and kind of widgets in the pack. Unlike other business dashboards available on the market, we are not charging any monthly or annual subscription fees!

To thank all our early adopters and backers who supported us by buying v1.0 and providing their invaluable feedback, with v1.1 we have something really special for them. All our customers who have purchased the first version of Numerics will automatically be upgraded to an exclusive lifetime Numerics unlimited access for free. This means that all current and future in-app purchase driven premium widgets and services will automatically be unlocked for use for free forever. All these users will also see a special icon next to the version number in the preferences screen to indicate that the app identifies them as special! We hope that you like our token of appreciation and hope that you recommend Numerics to your friends and colleagues, now that it is much easier to get started with.

Numerics 1.1 contains various bug fixes and optimizations stemming from user feedback as well as fixes for iOS8. A complete list of What’s New in v1.1 is available on the App Store.

If you have been waiting to try out Numerics, now is the best time to try it for free!



Numerics is in Apple’s Best of July

Every month Apple features the finest new iPhone and iPad apps that released in the last month. We are proud to see the App Store featuring Numerics in the Best of July list along with the month’s most memorable apps and games.

Best Apps of July

We are honored to be listed in Apple’s Best of July along with other elite apps and and we are only getting started.

Numerics currently integrates with over 20 prominent cloud services and we aim to scale to a 100 by this year end. If you use a particular service that is not already available in Numerics, send us an email, we are welcoming requests to service integrations from diverse fields, from our early adopters. We are also calling out to cloud based apps and services to get in touch with us if they would like to see their services integrated with Numerics.

If you haven’t tried out Numerics yet, get it before the special launch offer ends! Numerics for the iPhone and iPad along with its hundreds of custom widgets is available just at $19.99 (or equivalent in other countries). Users of Numerics v1.0 will be treated to all future paid widget packs for free. No additional costs and no subscription fees ever!



Numerics is in Business!

Business Dashboards to visualize your numbers
Analyzing Apps for BusinessesWe are incredibly excited to see our newest app Numerics for the iPhone and iPad featured in the Business Category on the US App Store! In 78 countries including India, Numerics has been featured on the App Store home on the iPad and in the Best New Apps List on the iPhone. Numerics has also earned its place in the Analyzing list along with many popular business apps.

We are thrilled with the response Numerics is getting from the App Store, the media and our customers alike. Mel Martin over at TUAW recommends picking up Numerics, he says – “It’s easy to use, very customizable, and inexpensive.” And Patrick Jordan of iPad Insight thinks “Numerics is a powerful tool for presenting some meaningful numbers from those (integrated) services.” Bastiaan Vroegop of the Dutch site iCulture thinks the biggest pro of Numerics is the AirPlay mirroring feature to project your dashboards to an HDTV with a unique, big-screen UI.

We’ve been getting awesome suggestions and feedback from our users. We are thrilled that so many of our users are as excited as we are about the possibilities Numerics brings to the table, and we are already working on some impressive features that you are all going to love. Keep watching this space for more news and updates.

Quick Reminder:

As a special launch offer, Numerics for the iPhone and iPad along with its hundreds of custom widgets is available just at $19.99 (or equivalent in other countries). Users of Numerics v1.0 will be treated to all future paid widget packs for free. No additional costs and no subscription fees ever!



Announcing Numerics – Dashboards to visualize your numbers

These days, businesses have a seemingly insurmountable pile of data to track, but no reasonable ways to track it all in one place. You can pay a few services to collect, analyze and display it, but they’re complicated, they store your credentials and, naturally, hold onto your data.

In a world where businesses depend greatly upon diverse cloud services and apps, we believed there was a better way to help businesses visualize all their vital numbers in one place and make better decisions. That’s why we created Numerics for iPhone and iPad.

Numerics for iPhone and iPad3145

A bird’s-eye view of your business

Numerics shows all your live analytics, engagement metrics, revenue, and other data from over 20 services in customizable dashboards. It’s a streamlined app that drops the enterprise-grade complexity and learning curve, giving businesses of all sizes and professionals an invaluable window into the numbers that matter most.

We designed hundreds of widgets that display your data as everything from simple number tallies, to complex charts and graphs, to funnel lists, and more. At launch, Numerics supports over 20 cloud services including Google Analytics, PayPal, Basecamp, SalesForce, Google Spreadsheets, Facebook, Twitter, Chargify, Youtube, and Zendesk, with more on the way.

If you absolutely need to stay on top of your data as it happens, Numerics also supports Push Notifications and iOS’s Background Refresh features, ensuring you always have the latest information with which to make the best decisions.

Your data is your data

Numerics truly is one-of-a-kind in that it is a native, local app. It creates a direct, secure connection between your services and your iPhone or iPad, so we never host your data or see your credentials. This is made possible by our native data analysis framework built over some fantastic APIs in iOS, which is why Numerics is exclusive to iPhone and iPad.

Collaborate when you want

We have plenty of options when it’s time to collaborate with coworkers and clients. There is AirPlay mirroring to project your dashboards to an HDTV with a unique, big-screen UI, which is a great way to setup team dashboards for office room displays or to present your live numbers using meeting room projectors. You can also share snapshots of entire dashboards or individual widgets through Email, Messages, WhatsApp, Dropbox or any other collaboration app installed on your device.

A price like no other

With all of this business power and privacy in the palm of your hand, you wouldn’t be wrong to expect to sign a contract or pay a monthly service subscription. But again, we believed there was a better way.

At launch, Numerics for iPhone and iPad and its hundreds of custom widgets is just $19.99. That isn’t per month or any other recurring subscription — you get it all for one single price.

Numerics - Business Dashboards for the iPad and iPhone



Tell us what you think

Numerics has been over a year in the making and it’s our most important app yet. We truly believe it will be an invaluable tool to you and your business, so we’re listening intently to feedback. You can email us directly or catch us on Twitter with any thoughts or service requests.

Localscope is Editors’ Choice on the App Store!


We’re thrilled to see Localscope featured on the front page of the App Store as Editors’ Choice in 9 countries including India, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt!

This is incredibly exciting for everyone at Cynapse. Its been more than 3 years since Localscope was first chosen as “App of Week” (the top spot an app could achieve back then). Its been a long road, but its a great feeling to see our hard work paying off. Localscope is also featured as a Best New App on the App Store front page in these 9 countries.

Best New Apps India

On the US App Store, Localscope is featured in the Navigation category alongside popular navigation apps Geocaching and Spyglass, and as a Best New App.


Localscope Navigation App Category

We want to thank you all—our fans, customers, users, critics, the media, family and friends—for your continued support. We would not have made it here without all your love. You make this possible.

To celebrate this awesome news, we are extending our launch sale through the weekend. If you missed the v4.2 launch sale, you have one more chance to grab Localscope at 33% off through Monday, May 5!

v3.0.1 A faster Phlo for Mac

phlo-mac-bannerToday we’ve released a quick update to Phlo for Mac v3.0.1, that makes it even faster to use.

Phlo for Mac saves all your searches so you can put an end to endless re-typing and quickly get the desired results on your preferred site. Additionally, if you use Phlo Sync, all your search terms and search sites that you’ve added get synchronized across all your iOS and Mac devices. All the searching on Phlo amasses an enormous history of your searches over time, making Phlo for Mac slower for some users with a huge history list. While search history can be deleted, some users prefer to retain the searched terms for easy reuse.

With v3.0.1 we’ve done architectural changes to Phlo that fix the issue making it a faster and a more responsive app. This means Phlo now is faster to load and filter your history, so you can search even faster.

v3.0.1 is now available on the Mac App Store, get your update now!

If you like using Phlo, follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates and tips and tricks on how you can use Phlo to make your workflow even more productive.

Localscope 4.2 makes local search even faster, easier

When we released Localscope 4 for iPhone last December, we made it much easier to get a birds-eye view of everything to see and do around you across Google Places, Foursquare, Flickr, Wikipedia, Apple Reminders, and more, all in one beautiful app. But we knew we could do even better, so today we’re back with Localscope 4.2: The Even Better Edition.

Localscope - Find Anything Around You2345

We read all your feedback, from every App Store comment to TUAW’s review, and got to work. Localscope 4.2 is now much cleaner, with a polished Dashboard and search results that are easier to read and skim through. Images and video thumbnails are now smaller, which emphasizes the place they’re from or the person who posted them. We even improved the visibility of the search bar and the Lens Slider, so swiping between services to view their results on a map is much more intuitive.

We also added support for 30 regional apps from Sygic, one of the most popular GPS navigation services in the world. In addition to Sygic’s amazing features like projecting a heads-up display on your car’s windshield and speed camera warnings, its apps can have Homer Simpson, Mr. Burns, or Snoop Dogg deliver your directions.

From big features to the small details that make all the difference, we hope you’ll love Localscope 4.2: The Even Better Edition. To celebrate the release, Localscope is on a 3 day sale and will be available at $1.99 upto 2nd May.

We think it’s the best way to type once to find all the places and people around you, so get Localscope in the App Store, let us know what you think, and get in touch on Twitter and Facebook!

Thank you for voting for us at the Best App Ever Awards!

Localscope and Phlo Best AppEver Award Runner UpA heartfelt Thank You to all our fans, users, customers and friends who voted for both Localscope and Phlo at the 6th Annual Best App Ever Awards! With millions of votes cast by users across the world, we are delighted to be voted Runner-Up in 4 categories from the 6 we were nominated in.

Phlo has been voted the Second Best Shopping App, a close runner-up to the Amazon App. With your support, Phlo swaggered to the Third Place against some serious contenders in the Best Productivity App and the Best Reference App categories as well.

Localscope too won the Third Place as the Best Location-Based App.

We are not only honored, but deeply moved to be chosen as one of the best apps from over a million apps on the App Store. This recognition is great motivation for us to make our apps even better so they can take first place at the next vote!

How to add new search engines to Phlo on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Phlo for iPhone, iPad and Mac is the best way to type once and search every site and service you care about. For example, you can type “Holi” and tap Wikipedia to learn more about this beautiful Hindu Festival of Colors, then tap Google Images to get a better picture. You could also tap Twitter to see how much fun people had celebrating Holi.

One search, three taps, a world of information.

Phlo has 30 search engines built right in, but you can also add just about any site you search often. If you check reviews at CNET or your country’s version of Amazon before making a purchase, Phlo can keep them just a tap away.

Add with a click from your desktop browser

The easiest way to add new engines is from your desktop browser. As long as you sign up in-app on Mac, iPhone, or iPad for Phlo Sync at just $1.99 per year, all your new search engines and search history syncs across all your devices:

Phlo Assistant Add OpenSearch DuckDuckGo

- Install our free Phlo Assistant extension for Safari, Chrome, or Firefox
- sign into your Phlo Sync account
- Browse to a site you want to add and search with Phlo for iPhone and iPad
- If the site supports OpenSearch, Phlo Assistant will prompt you to add it and sync to your devices via Phlo Sync
- To add sites manually, right-click in the search box and choose “Add to Phlo”

Right-Click to Add to Phlo

Your new search engine is now available with just a click or tap.

Add to Phlo for Mac

If you don’t have Phlo Sync, here’s how to add search engines to Phlo for Mac manually:


- Use Safari (or your preferred browser) to search on the site you want to add and copy the URL of the search results page
- In Phlo’s app preferences, go to the “Search Sites” tab and click the “+” button
- Paste the URL and replace your search term in it with %@
- Add a name for the service and you have successfully added your favorite search engine to Phlo!

Add to Phlo on iPhone or iPad

If you’re on an iPhone or iPad, or if you haven’t signed up for Phlo Sync yet, you can add search engines to Phlo with a little copying and pasting:

Add custom engines to Phlo for iOS

- Search for something at your favorite site, then copy the search results URL in Safari (Action button > Copy)
- In Phlo, tap Menu in the upper right, then the cloud icon, then the plus button
- Tap to paste the URL into the Add Site page
- In the URL, find the search term you used and replace it with %@
- Give your new search engine a name and you’re ready to get searching!

You can always reorder Phlo’s search engines, including new ones you add, on the Search Sites page (the cloud icon). In fact, whichever one you place at the top will become your new default. That way, the engines you care about, including the ones you add yourself, can be right at your fingertips at the top of the list.

New custom search engines


Here are some search site URLs with the variable %@ inserted to get you started adding search engines to Phlo. You can simply copy and paste it to your Phlo on iPhone, iPad or Mac and start searching using them:

RottenTomatoes – – –

Baidu -

If you are not able to find the search URL for your favorite site that you want in your Phlo, simply tweet @Cynapse and we’ll help you out.