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Our Annual Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale is Here!

And its raining discounts on Cynapse apps.


All in-app purchases of Numerics – the best business dashboard to visualize your numbers, are available at a flat 50% discount from today 27th November through Monday 1st December. This is the first time we are dropping prices for the Numerics in-app purchases to their lowest ever. So if you’ve been wanting to use the Salesforce widgets or integrate your custom business software using the Custom JSON widgets, but haven’t done so yet, grab them now at a 50% discount.

Localscope, our favorite app to find places around you, too is discounted by 33% and is available at $1.99

We hope these discounts add a special cheer to your holidays. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Get the apps here:

Numerics -

Localscope -

Numerics: Enhanced for iOS 8


We are delighted to see our app Numerics – Business Dashboard for the iPhone and iPad showcased by Apple in the Business Category in the US and Canada App Stores in the iPhone and iPad stores. Numerics has also been featured in the Best New Apps list in Russia, Israel and 78 other countries.

The feature follows the Numerics v2.0 major version upgrade that has some exciting new features designed specifically for iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2. The new features include Today Widgets for the Notification Center, Touch ID based app lockout, unique landscape experience for the iPhone 6 Plus and widgets for Mailchimp and Instagram. You can read all about the Numerics version 2.0 update here.

Numerics is available for free on the App Store. Download it today to track your stats on your iPhone or iPad’s Today screen.



If you use a particular service that is not already available in Numerics, get in touch with us, we are welcoming requests to service integrations from diverse fields from our users.

Numerics for iOS 8 is here! Now track numbers on your today screen, secure your dashboards with Touch ID and more.


We created Numerics to help businesses visualize all their important numbers in one place and make better decisions. We are constantly working to improve the way our users consume and interact with their business metrics. With iOS 8, Apple provided some great new APIs and interesting ways to extend apps that we have been hard at work to incorporate into Numerics.

Today, we are delighted to announce the availability of Numerics 2.0, the biggest update to the app since its release. Numerics 2.0 is all about leveraging iOS 8 and the and the new capabilities of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2. Following are the highlights of the update:

Today Widgets

When Apple announced the ability to add Today Widgets in the Notification Center in iOS 8, we were thrilled about what it could mean for Numerics. Version 2.0 introduces the Numerics Today Widget enabling users to selectively add any of their Numerics dashboard widgets to their today screens. Based on the type of widget e.g. number tallies, graphs or top lists, Numerics intelligently picks up the most relevant value (instead of replicating the whole widget) and displays it on your iPhone or iPad’s Today view. This means that users can now get a quick glance at their most important business metrics by simply swiping down the Notification Center from the top of their screens.

We believe that Numerics provides one of the most apt and useful widgets for the iOS Today view out there on the App Store. Just swipe down the Notification Center to know how many sales you have made today, how many subscribers you gained or any other number that you like to keep your eye on all the time.
Touch ID

Safeguard your numbers with your fingerprint

The Touch ID now a standard feature of iPhones & iPads, is a marvel of security for business users. And with iOS 8, we can finally use Touch ID to do more than just unlock our iPhones and purchase things from the App Store.

With v2.0, Numerics now optionally locks itself out when the user switches out of the app. Users can use Touch ID to unlock Numerics when it is locked out. For older devices without Touch ID, Numerics uses the device passcode to lock / unlock the app so you dont have to set and remember another passcode for Numerics.

Unique Landscape Experience

Numerics 2.0 also introduces a fully functional landscape view on iPhones, for all users who like to view Numerics with their iPhones docked in landscape mode on their desks.
The announcement of the new iPhones has further added to our excitement. We think the iPhone 6 Plus is a new category of device and deserves special treatment. We have designed a unique landscape experience for the iPhone 6 Plus: The main dashboard in the landscape view provides a compact and crisp layout that displays 3 columns of widgets making use of the huge screen and presenting the user with a lot of information at a glance. The edit views and inner interfaces resemble the iPad experience when on landscape in the 6 Plus. The new adaptive APIs of iOS 8 has allowed us to create a truly universal app with custom tailored experiences for each device form factor.

Two New Service Integrations

We have been getting an enormous number of integration requests from you users and are constantly working to add new data sources. Numerics now integrates with 2 of the most requested for services – MailChimp and Instagram, adding 47 new widgets that are great for marketers to track their campaigns on these 2 services.

Framework Enhancements

We have revamped things under the hood with major enhancements to the Numerics framework including widget definition caching that reduces load times (after first run) exponentially and squashed a number of annoying bugs. To users Numerics should now feel much more robust and reliable than before.

To enable all these enhancements, Numerics 2.0 requires iOS 8+

We are very excited with what we have accomplished in Numerics 2.0 and we’d love to hear what you think of our new update.



Apps Made in India


We are proud to share that Apple has featured Localscope and Numerics in their special “Made in India” apps list on the iPhone and iPad App Store in India. The list includes top apps, games, popular services, hit Bollywood music and movies.

Everyone at Cynapse is incredibly excited with this feature and we want to take this opportunity to encourage entrepreneurs in India – with the world’s fastest growing startup scene, to join the app economy.

The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi recently launched his ambitious plan to make India a global hub for manufacturing goods ranging from cars, satellites, software and more through his “Make in India” campaign.

At Cynapse, we feel the app economy presents a huge opportunity and making apps in India should undeniably be a part of Make in India. Here’s why.

Consumers around the world are embracing smartphones, and by the end of 2014, 1.76 billion people are estimated to own and use smartphones. By 2018, 500 million Indians are going to be mobile internet users and will be contributing to nearly 10% of the global smartphone market share. Alongside smartphone growth, rising incomes will unleash the online spending potential of billions of people. Further, payment systems like Apple Pay are enabling transactions in the real world with a single touch, that were previously un-imaginable with traditional banking. This growth gives talented entrepreneurs, developers and designers an opportunity of a lifetime to participate in the golden age of making apps.

One of the biggest advantages of the mobile app business is that its market is not bound by geographical limits. You can be in India and create an app that can be used by consumers anywhere the world. The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store provide a level playing field to publish and sell your apps to a global audience. All you need is a great app that solves a large problem. All apps made by Cynapse are designed and built in India but are sold and highly ranked in over 150 countries on the Apple App Store. The idea being: Make in India, Design for the World.

Cynapse has been designing apps for the iOS platform since 2010 and our journey so far has been thrilling. We have over a million customers of our apps and nearly everyday we are humbled by the heartwarming stories our fans and users share about how our apps help them. The international media loves our apps and recommends them regularly to their audiences. The App Store, our primary marketplace, features Localscope, Numerics and Phlo prominently. Localscope has been rewarded the Best app of the year by Apple and our customers worldwide have voted and made us win the Best App Ever Awards multiple times. Our path to success on the App Store has been far from easy, but we have learnt that if a great idea is coupled with good design and implemented with care, the world sits up and takes notice.

In 2013, the app economy was worth $68 billion and is projected to grow to a staggering $143 billion by 2016 as smartphone ownership soars worldwide. Apple has been a huge contributor to this economy. With more than 1.2 million iOS apps and over 75 billion downloads, the App Store has created an entirely new industry for iOS app design and development. The firm recently estimated that the app economy will add $86 billion in revenues to worldwide GDP in 2014. Further, Apple says it has contributed to 629,000 jobs across Europe, and over 500,000 of these roles represent the booming app economy.

This is a prosperous time for entrepreneurs in India to join the app economy. India has been a leader in providing IT services to the world. By promoting “Make Apps in India”, we can encourage Indian entrepreneurs and technology businesses to climb higher in the value chain by focusing on innovation and drive more jobs and revenues to India by addressing a truly global audience.

Sachin Bansal, founder-CEO of Flipkart, in a recent interview, said that making apps in India should be the next step for mobile companies and developers. Lets spread the message and motivate, cheer and back entrepreneurs to solve great problems and Make Awesome Apps in India for the world!

Goodbye SyncNotes

Goodbye-SyncNotesSyncNotes was born out of our desire to have small snippets of information always at our fingertips and brought to life by some fantastic design and engineering by the Cynapse team. 10 years ago when we first released SyncNotes on 21st October 2004, it was a one-of-a-kind service that enabled you to create notes on your desktop or mobile device and access them anywhere, anyhow. The Pocket PC version further empowered users to access their notes on their portable devices. The combination of the desktop app, the mobile app, the web and WAP interface tightly coupled with a near realtime sync made SyncNotes a killer app of its time.

SyncNotes-ScreenshotThe lack of a market for revenue generating consumer software in those days did not allow a bootstrapped company like Cynapse to continue development on SyncNotes. While the Cynapse team has moved on to solve other needs and in time most of us stopped using SyncNotes as we moved away from the Windows platform to Mac and Linux, SyncNotes continued to be very popular amongst its users and a lot of you have requested us to keep the system alive. Thanks to its awesome engineering, the service continued to tick with minimal maintenance from our side. To ensure infrastructure continuity we moved to Amazon Web Services to host the system.

Being one of our favourite creations it pains us to announce that the time has come for us to finally put SyncNotes to rest. Due to a change in Amazon’s policy and due to the aged technology at play, the SyncNotes server will go down forever on the 25th of October 2014. It has been a great experience inventing and running SyncNotes and some of the most enjoyable parts of the experience was to interact with you, its users and fans and learn about your unique use cases and applications of SyncNotes.

While the technology landscape has changed exponentially since we first released SyncNotes, diverse current world solutions exist to solve the same problem. While these new solutions provide features far beyond what SyncNotes does, we believe there is still much to be desired in terms of simplicity and ease from tools that let you manage your small snippets of information. We at Cynapse intend to re-solve this with a fresh approach in the future, taking from all of the learnings we have had with SyncNotes.

Goodbye SyncNotes! For some of us you will be always remembered as one of the best software inventions ever.

Thank you for using SyncNotes.

Track your WordPress Site Statistics from your iOS Devices with Numerics

Today, we’ve released Numerics v1.2, with a shiny new integration with WordPress. We have carefully designed 5 widget packs with 23 widgets giving you some great ways to know more about your readers and what attracts them to your site. Quickly look at your site’s visitors, views, monitor top posts and discover top search terms with Numerics on your iPhone or iPad. The new integration presents WordPress stats in intuitive graphs, funnel lists, number tallies and more.


Numerics already integrates with Google Analytics to provide site statistics and more. The new integration enables users who use WordPress analytics and would like to see them alongside Google Analytics and other information in one unified view.

The WordPress integration works for both, users and self hosted WordPress site users. The Basic Stats widget pack is available for free and is a great way to try out the WordPress integration. It presents the big totals for your WordPress blog or site, like all time Posts, Comments and Views.

The Visitor Stats gives you an overview of the number of visitors on your site for a chosen time span along with the difference in percentage from its previous period. It also gives you a trend of visitors plotted on a line graph giving you a perspective of traffic on your site in the 7 days or last 30 days. It is a great way to keep track of the days your site received high traffic.

The View Stats widget packs lets you dig deeper by showing the top posts and pages, top 5 sites referring visitors to your site or blog, the top search terms that visitors used to reach your site and more. The View Stats widget pack enables you discover where your readers come from, the popular content on your site and as a result think of better ways to help your visitors find what they’re looking for.

The Interaction Stats widget pack gives an overview of how visitors engage with the site content. The Network Stats widget pack is specially designed for the users to track their blog followers, subscribers and more.

GrandfatheredAs promised, all Numerics v1 users, who have been given a special status due to our recent shift to the Freemium model, will automatically have all the WordPress widget packs enabled for free.

If you are a self hosted WordPress site user, Numerics requires the Jetpack plugin installed. Jetpack is a popular plugin by the makers of WordPress, that extends the stats to your site. Once installed, please ensure the JSON API and Stats modules are activated in the Jetpack settings.

v1.2 also fixes the integration with the Stripe API and the layout of the Widget Store on iOS8 devices.

Numerics is available for free on the App Store, so go ahead and try it out.



If you use a particular service that is not already available in Numerics, get in touch with us, we are welcoming requests to service integrations from diverse fields from our early adopters. You can email us directly or catch us on Twitter with any thoughts or service requests.

Numerics is in the App Store’s Best of September List

Amongst the spree of new app releases and updates for iOS8 in September, Apple caught the sight of Numerics v1.1 Freemium release and has showcased it in the Best of September list on the App Store.



Best-of-September-detailNumerics is listed in the Best of September list in 7 countries, including India, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, UAE. We are ecstatic to be featured in the best apps of the month list for the second time in three months of Numerics’ lifespan.

With v1.1, Numerics shed its $19.99 (or equivalent in other countries) price tag to become free to use, and extended advanced features via in-app purchases. This shift came alongside an update to the app that introduced custom JSON data integration enabling users to render important numbers from their internal business software via their own JSON REST API.

We have exciting new updates planned in the coming months including new service integrations and iOS8 specific features. So go ahead and download Numerics for free today! If you use a particular service that is not already available in Numerics, get in touch with us, we are welcoming requests to service integrations from diverse fields from our early adopters.

Keep watching this space for more news and updates.



Get Your Numbers Right with Numerics recommends Entrepreneur India

Entrepreneur IndiaGetting featured in a prominent magazine is always an exciting feeling, and the excitement is heightened when a customer happens to call in to tell you about it. We are thrilled to see Numerics featured in the September issue of the Entrepreneur India magazine. The magazine publishes business knowledge to enable entrepreneurs in India to conquer daily challenges of building a business.

The author loves Numerics’ features and says it is a Must-Have App in every entrepreneur’s iPhone or iPad. Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Figures or statistics in a business change almost every day whether they are about sales, revenue, visitors or subscriptions. It can be a cumbersome task for entrepreneurs, especially for those who are always on-the-go, to gather that data. Moreover, it can be really tough for them to wrap their brain around all those figures and be updated every time. However, here is a solution to that called Numerics.”

The business model has changed since the article was published, Numerics is now available for free on the App Store with premium widgets that are available in packs as a one time restorable purchase and unlimited use. We’ve also added a Custom JSON integration provider enabling you to get valuable data from your custom business software with minimal programming on the business system end.

Track Business Metrics with NumericsTrack Business Metrics with Numerics

Numerics is now free, includes Custom JSON integration to track business metrics from internal business systems

Today we’re releasing Numerics v1.1 with Custom JSON integration and removing the entry barrier to getting started with Numerics by making the app available as a free download.


Numerics v1.0 was applauded by the media, our customers loved it and Apple showcased it. Numerics was featured on the App Store homepage in India along with 78 other countries and prominently featured with a banner in the Business Category in the US and in various other lists. Numerics also got some awesome reviews from TUAW, iPad Insight, Springwise, iCulture and more.

But the most exciting element has been the ever encouraging feedback shared by our customers. While some of our users depend on Numerics for their daily dose of numbers on their iPhone or iPad, many have deployed it on dedicated big screens in their offices. We’ve received a large amount of feedback and our users are craving for more service integrations. The biggest feature request has been some way of connecting to custom internal business data from systems within the businesses network.

We understand that many businesses have their own set of custom business software that run behind their firewall and hold valuable data. So with v1.1 we are adding a Custom JSON integration provider that can consume and render 9 unique types of widgets out of custom data from any business system with minimal programming on the business system end. The business software simply has to output the desired data in a JSON format compliant with the Numerics Widget Data Specification that is well documented within the app. ( Sample JSON data can be obtained here ) This new integration will enable developers and business users to create mobile dashboards using their valuable data that resides in custom business software, alongside the 20+ integrations with popular cloud services.Custom-JSON

Numerics is designed to give businesses a better way to visualize their vital numbers in one place and make better decisions. We want to enable more users worldwide who depend on cloud services and apps to experience Numerics and take advantage of this powerful tool.

We released 1.0 as a paid app with a relatively high entry cost of $19.99 (or equivalent) but with all integrations and features available to all customers. This allowed us to build a small but very valuable set of early adopters who have been actively seeking for a solution like Numerics to create business dashboards and are glad to buy, use and provide valuable feedback about Numerics. It also helped to ‘kickstart’ a positive revenue stream for the app to fuel continuous development.

We think Numerics is now ready for the whole world to use. This version onwards, we are removing the price barrier and making Numerics available for free for the world to use. Users can now download Numerics and connect with the many free widgets from 20+ services. To track additional metrics, Numerics offers various premium widgets that are available for purchase in packs as one time restorable purchases and unlimited use. Premium in-app widget packs are priced depending upon the service and kind of widgets in the pack. Unlike other business dashboards available on the market, we are not charging any monthly or annual subscription fees!

To thank all our early adopters and backers who supported us by buying v1.0 and providing their invaluable feedback, with v1.1 we have something really special for them. All our customers who have purchased the first version of Numerics will automatically be upgraded to an exclusive lifetime Numerics unlimited access for free. This means that all current and future in-app purchase driven premium widgets and services will automatically be unlocked for use for free forever. All these users will also see a special icon next to the version number in the preferences screen to indicate that the app identifies them as special! We hope that you like our token of appreciation and hope that you recommend Numerics to your friends and colleagues, now that it is much easier to get started with.

Numerics 1.1 contains various bug fixes and optimizations stemming from user feedback as well as fixes for iOS8. A complete list of What’s New in v1.1 is available on the App Store.

If you have been waiting to try out Numerics, now is the best time to try it for free!



Numerics is in Apple’s Best of July

Every month Apple features the finest new iPhone and iPad apps that released in the last month. We are proud to see the App Store featuring Numerics in the Best of July list along with the month’s most memorable apps and games.

Best Apps of July

We are honored to be listed in Apple’s Best of July along with other elite apps and and we are only getting started.

Numerics currently integrates with over 20 prominent cloud services and we aim to scale to a 100 by this year end. If you use a particular service that is not already available in Numerics, send us an email, we are welcoming requests to service integrations from diverse fields, from our early adopters. We are also calling out to cloud based apps and services to get in touch with us if they would like to see their services integrated with Numerics.

If you haven’t tried out Numerics yet, get it before the special launch offer ends! Numerics for the iPhone and iPad along with its hundreds of custom widgets is available just at $19.99 (or equivalent in other countries). Users of Numerics v1.0 will be treated to all future paid widget packs for free. No additional costs and no subscription fees ever!