We build interfaces

We create interfaces for your digital nervous system

Our prime directive is to invent technology that applies to and benefits everyday life.

We believe in creating products that solve specific fundamental problems in the most beautiful and amazing way.

Key principles

Design first

We believe 
good design is 
our team's greatest 
collective strength and is 
the single most important ingredient of a successful product.

We apply 
design thinking 
to every aspect of 
our business. 
We like to think of our
work as walking the line between science and art, applying design thinking to every step.


Living on the bleeding edge

The world of technology is a multi layered eco-system where underlying platforms often limit the capabilities of technology products.

We evaluate and identify promising platforms and technologies that can help extend our products as early as possible.

Customer happiness

We consider customer happiness our prime success indicator and one of our greatest motivators.

We believe in benefiting our users' lives and building long term relationships with them. Our products are designed with ethical, symbiotic business models where the customer is always the user and never an advertiser or 3rd party.


Some of our customers

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Mumbai Skyline

Cynapse was founded in April 2001 in Mumbai.

Cynapse has successfully produced 10 products in its lifespan, focused in the areas of productivity and collaboration.

The Cynapse Team

Apurva Roy Choudhury

Apurva Roy Choudhury


Building Cynapse’s focus and direction is Apurva’s primary role. He is also the primary ideator of Cynapse products. His prior experience in founding multiple startups catering to various segments of the technology business gives him the skills required to lead and inspire a team of brilliant individuals.

Viraf Sarkari

Viraf Sarkari


As head of operations, Viraf is responsible for keeping the ball rolling and our customers smiling. His 18+ years of technology management experience in Fortune500 companies helps in crafting our processes.

Romasha Roy Choudhury

Romasha Roy Choudhury

VP - Product Design

Romasha helps shape the user experience at Cynapse. She ensures the needs of the user are met with simplicity and elegance by designing products that are a joy to use.