Drip dashboard app for the MacOS, iOS, iPadOS, TVOS and WatchOS

Dashboards for Drip

Track your Drip KPIs with Numerics Dashboards on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch

Drip is a marketing automation platform designed to help ecommerce brands engage with their customers with a wide range of features.

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Numerics integrates with Drip to help you create sales dashboards to visualize your sales pipeline. Keep an eye on the value of campaigns in Numerics dashboards.

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6 pre-designed KPIs

Uncover goal and campaign stats from Drip.

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Combine metrics

Streamline your sales pipeline by bringing together data from finance, marketing, or any other source to build a comprehensive snapshot of your business.

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Multiple accounts

Generate deeper insights by co-relating KPIs from multiple Drip user data together on a single dashboard in Numerics.

Drip KPIs

Following are all the pre-defined Drip KPI dashboard widgets bundled with Numerics.


Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.


The total number of subscribers for your chosen status and time span.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Timer.

Upcoming boradcasts

A countdown timer showing upcoming boradcast.

Goal conversions

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.

Goal conversions by status

The total number of goal conversions for your chosen status.


Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.

Active subscribers

The total number of active subscribers for your chosen campaign.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.


The total number of unsubscribes for your chosen campaign.

Dashboard Visualization Type: Number.


The total number of people to receive emails for your chosen campaign.

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