Numerics 7 - Introducing collaborative dashboards for the Mac, Lock screen widgets for iPhone and more!

December 6, 2022

After almost 2 years in development, Numerics 7 is ready to take business performance awareness to a whole new level.

Numerics lets you design and use dashboards that give you a complete 360° view by unifying various perspectives of your business. While this makes Numerics a great personal productivity tool, we strongly believe dashboards can serve a much greater purpose as a communication tool. The many success stories of Numerics for Apple TV being used to align team goals has strengthened this belief.

You could always share templates of the dashboards you create in Numerics with others. But since the recipients use their own credentials to connect to the data sources, this could result in adoption friction due to account and setup requirements as well as differences in data based on user access.

The goal of having unified dashboards that are synchronized across multiple users in realtime has been uniquely challenging for Numerics given our security design of performing all connections, computing & storage on the users’ devices instead of some central cloud infrastructure. So unlike other SaaS dashboards, Numerics couldn’t simply hand out logins to your data on the cloud. Through 2020 - 2022 Apple introduced a bunch of collaboration capabilities to the platform including shared iCloud databases with end to end encryption that opened up a path to secure realtime collaboration between multiple users while letting us stick to our secure design model of not having access to our user’s data in any form.

Numerics v7 lets you design dashboards that can be shared along with all the data it displays with other users. Even though the visualized data is shared, your account credentials used to get and update the data never leaves your private data store. Every time Numerics on one of your devices updates the dashboards with new data, the updated visualizations are synchronized in near realtime to the devices of the other users.

Collaborations can be started in a couple of clicks / taps via the messages app, email or other communication tools. Thanks to its unique ‘edge-computing’ architecture, Numerics lets users collaborate on dashboards such that each user can optionally contribute their own KPI widgets into a shared dashboard, again while retaining their secure data in their private stores.

A practical use case for this is a company dashboard shared between multiple departments could have managers from each department add in live KPIs from their respective systems and data sets, giving everyone a wholistic perspective of all the indicators that matter to the business as a whole.

Numerics for MacOS

Besides the new collaboration capabilities Numerics 7 brings native dashboards to your primary productivity device - the Mac. Fine-tuned for MacOS Ventura and the M1/M2 processors, Numerics is now a truly native Mac experience. This completes our coverage of the entire Apple eco-system of devices and sets up a path for richer, deeper features that are possible only on a desktop computing platform. As Mac aficionados, we have seen our own Numerics usage sky-rocket on the Mac and we are super excited about releasing Numerics to the Mac user community.

We didn't stop here. Numerics 7 adds Apple Widgets support on all devices, letting you use any Numerics widget as a widget on your home screen, notification center and even the iPhone lock screen. Now you can keep an eye on your most important KPIs without even opening the Numerics app.

We realize that all these new features are pointless if users can’t get their data into Numerics. So we have added 32 new integrations as well as accelerated our cadence to add newer integrations.

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We hope Numerics 7 makes you more productive and better decision makers than ever before.