Numerics for iDevices

Business Dashboards for your iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch

Visualize all your vital business statistics, live, in one place. Numerics helps you know your numbers, focus on your goals and make better decisions.

Numerics Drag and Drop

Create your own unique dashboards

Pick from hundreds of pre-designed widgets to build an overview of website analytics, social media engagement, project progress, sales funnels, customer support queues, account balances or even numbers from your spreadsheets in the cloud.

Number changeLine GraphPie ChartTop ListTextHour DensityDay Density

One app for all your metrics

Numerics securely connects to a growing list of cloud services to display your most important information.



Direct secure device-to-service connections. All credentials stored securely in your device keychain.

Secure dashboards
Collaborate using dashboard templates

Get everyone on the same page with dashboard templates

Numerics templates let you design dashboards once and deploy them across your organization.

Track your KPIs from your wrist with Numerics for Apple Watch

Selectively add your most important numbers to show up on your Apple Watch and always stay updated with a quick glance at your wrist. Learn more about Numerics for Apple Watch here.

Today Widget

Quickly glance at your most important business metrics by swiping down the Notification Center from any screen on your iDevice.

Present big screen dashboards via Airplay or HDMI

Secure with TouchID

Safeguard your numbers with Touch ID

Numerics optionally locks itself out when the user switches out of the app. Users can use Touch ID to unlock Numerics when it is locked out. For older devices without Touch ID, Numerics uses the device passcode to lock / unlock the app so you dont have to set and remember another passcode for Numerics.

Annotate, obfuscate or highlight the dashboard before sharing

Markup dashboard snapshots with insights & observations using your finger or Apple Pencil.

Annotations feel more expressive and natural with Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity and tilt detection – thicker strokes when more force is applied and thinner when writing fast.

Annotate Dashboards on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Numerics also features an obfuscation mode – tilt the Apple Pencil to over 70 degrees for broad & thick strokes to obscure any numbers or widgets in the snapshot.

Multitasking on iPad with slide over and split view

Multitasking on iPad with Slide Over & Split View modes

Optimized for Multitasking, widgets adapt and reflow to fit each of the different split view scenarios uniquely. As a secondary app, Numerics works in a fully functional compact mode and is super useful for keeping an eye on your numbers while working on other stuff.

Multi-tasking-layout-50-50 Multi-tasking-layout-50-50-right Multi-tasking-layout-70-30 Multi-tasking-layout-70-30-secondary-app   Multi-tasking-layout-70-30-secondary-app-vertical-leftMulti-tasking-layout-70-30-secondary-app-vertical

A place for every project

Create unlimited dashboards to organize your statistics around your business structure.

Multiple dashboards

Focus on one metric

Zoom in to focus and interact with a single statistic.

Numerics for iDevices

Automatic encrypted backups to iCloud

Backup and Restore provides a secure way for you to keep your Numerics dashboard configurations safe and take it with you to your other iOS devices. Backups are encrypted with user defined passwords and can be saved to your iCloud, oneDrive, DropBox, Box or any cloud app and have it available everywhere.

Get Notified

Background updates and Push Notifications on a per-widget basis.

As a freelance graphic designer I manage several websites, including some of my own. When analyzing site traffic and social media metrics, the degree of customization provided by Numerics is second-to-none. I can easily organize data from multiple accounts into dashboards and make the most important stats available on my Apple Watch.

As the options for web tool and social media networks continue to explode, I can no longer rely solely on my "best guess" as to where we should invest our time and money. Numerics allows me to see all the important data I need to make an informed decision in one place. And not only does it help me navigate the data, it is presented so well that I can show it to those who aren't neck deep in my world, and they get it. I consider Numerics to be one of the most valuable tools I've found for success in my job.

I'm the director of social media for a garden seed and supply company called Botanical Interests. I'm using numerics with an AirPlay display to show a social media snapshot in weekly marketing meetings. My team loves the detailed widgets and tailored information. Thank you!!

Numerics News

Quick Update- Numerics 4.6 now live

A new version of Numerics for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is now available on the App Store. v4.6 updates the Facebook integration to support their updated API along with some bug fixes. Up until a recent change in their API, Facebook would provide near real time...

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Get Numerics, Localscope & Phlo at 50% off

Our annual Black Friday sale is here and we are offering a flat 50% discount on all our apps! For the next 5 days, starting today 23rd November right through 28th November, all our apps Numerics, Localscope and Phlo for iOS will be discounted by 50% on the App Store....

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