Apple TV Dashboard background

The Team Dashboard App for the Apple TV

Visualize your team KPIs in live dashboards with easy to understand colored pie charts, beautiful line graphs, density charts, top lists and more.

Interact with the live dashboards using the Apple TV Siri Remote’s Touch Surface

Each KPI widget is designed to be focusable and interactive, Swipe left or right. Up or down. Click to zoom.

Siri Remote dashboard interactions
KPI Dashboard Slideshow

Unique controls powered by Siri Remote gestures to browse dashboards and KPIs

Use the custom designed, focus driven flipper control to swipe trough your KPIs or start slideshows. The Siri remote based gestures ensure an amazingly smooth and tactile user experience.

Large widget sizes for those super important KPIs

Customize the Apple TV dashboard app by making a KPI widget extra large to attract focus on key KPIs. Click and hold the Siri Remote Touch Surface to toggle between sizes.

Customized tvOS dashboard

Delightful interactions

Smooth animations and intuitive gestures make Numerics a delight to use on the TV. Zoom into a line chart to see older values in the trend or keep the dashboard on to see the visualizations animate as the KPIs change.

Slideshow mode

Unique to Numerics for Apple TV, the slideshow mode automatically scrolls through widgets on a dashboard. Use it to rotate through and present shared KPIs and brand images. Simply hit 'play' on the Siri Remote and watch your KPIs scroll and update through the day.


Universal tvOS dashboard app with crisp, high resolution Ultra-HD visuals for the new Apple TV 4K

Live dashboards with iCloud Sync

Real-time dashboard updates with Numerics iCloud Sync

Numerics dashboards for tvOS constantly checks for updates to KPIs and synchronizes the changes via iCloud Sync, keeping dashboards updated on all connected devices.

Pre-installed demo dashboards

Get a preview of Numerics on Apple TV with a 'one click' install of the pre-bundled demo dashboards.

  • Numerics dashboard app for Apple TV Screenshot
  • Numerics dashboard app for Apple TV Screenshot
  • Numerics dashboard app for Apple TV Screenshot
  • Numerics dashboard app for Apple TV Screenshot

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