Design a wearable micro dashboard of your most important numbers

Choose to have your most important numbers on your wrist. Just flick the “Show on Apple Watch” switch on any of your widgets in Numerics on your iPhone to add them to your Apple Watch dashboard.

Scroll through KPIs with the digital crown

Use the digital crown in the zoom view to quickly jump to the next KPI on Apple Watch.

To provide better context, the zoom view displays the dashboard name that the widget belongs to.

Dock Numerics to quickly access your numbers

Set Numerics to be available in the Dock to access your numbers easily and get updates often.

Get notfied about changes in your business metrics

Choose to receive notifications when important numbers change, so you are always aware of changes to your key performance indicators. Watch your Numerics notifications turn into rich widgets just by lifting your wrist to look at them.

Customize your watch face with KPI Complications

Track your favorite number right from your watch face by setting it as a complication. Numerics works on all complication sizes - Small, Utilitarian Small, Utilitarian Large, Modular Large and Modular Small and can be used with any watch face that supports complications including the Siri, Kaleidoscope and Toy Story watch faces.

Multicolor modular watch face complications

Numerics complications support the Multicolor option in the Modular watch face. The widget color set by you in Numerics reflects in the title of its complication when the Multicolor option is chosen, creating a personalised and attractive watch face.

Start on Apple Watch, Continue on your iPhone with Handoff

The Numerics dashboard app for WatchOS is designed for quick micro interactions. To see more information from a widget like previous values on a graph, simply transfer the widget from Apple Watch to iPhone using Handoff.

Start with looking at a number on Apple Watch, then continue on your iPhone with a swipe from the lock screen to zoom into the data. It’s one app that moves with you from your wrist to your palm.

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