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Numerics for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch

Numerics is specially designed for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Create personalized KPI dashboards using interactive visualizations, graphs & charts

Design dashboards that give an overview of your website analytics, social media engagement, project progress, sales funnels, customer support queues, account balances or any personal or business KPI using these rich visualization widgets.


Monitor changes to KPI values using large numbers with difference indicators.


Get a comparative density over a month with a calendar style density chart.


Track trends with the interactive line graph with support for negative values.


Add a touch of your company branding with logos & images on dashboards.


Interact with the pie charts to sum each section of the pie.


Identify trends or compare data among categories with toplists.


Use the radar style day density graphs to track daily cyclic data.


Track statuses and more with the bold text label widgets.

A dashboard for every project

Create unlimited dashboards to organize your KPIs and structure them around your life and business.

Unlimited KPI dashboards

Get notified on KPI changes, as they happen

Push notifications on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch ensure you have the latest metrics to make smarter decisions.

Get Notified

Secure, Direct Device-to-Service Connections.

The Numerics app makes direct secure connections to your cloud services or data stores with no servers in between. A server-less design means that your data never passes through us or any body else. Your data is only stored locally in the app on your devices (and optionally in your private iCloud database). All credentials are stored securely in your device keychain. This makes Numerics ready for the most stringent security compliance requirements.

Secure dashboards with direct connections

Safeguard your numbers with FaceID or TouchID

Numerics optionally locks itself out when you switch out of the app. Unlock it with your finger or your face.

Secure dashboards with FaceID

On the iPhone X, use FaceID to unlock Numerics enabling a powerful and secure authentication system for your KPIs.

Secure dashboards with TouchID

On supported devices, use Touch ID or the device passcode to lock / unlock Numerics so you don't have to set & remember a passcode.

Quick access to KPIs using 3D Touch and Spotlight search

Search for any number from your home screen to see a quick preview of the number right there. Tap on the KPI to go straight to its zoom view.

  • SpotLight Search
  • 3D Touch

Launch into your most used Numerics dashboard with 3D Touch or directly jump to the full list of all dashboards right from the Home screen using the Quick Actions.

Markup dashboards before sharing

Annotate, obfuscate or highlight important numbers on the dashboard using your finger or the Apple Pencil before sharing.

Markup dashboards with Apple Pencil

Create & Export Dashboard Templates

Designed for organization wide deployment, Numerics Dashboard Templates are the quickest way to securely share dashboards with peers.

Account credentials to connected services are never shared in the templates. When a dashboard template is opened in Numerics, the app prompts every user to connect their accounts and generates a personalized dashboard using their own data.

Double tap for instant refresh

Numerics automatically refreshes all KPIs periodically. For those impatient moments, Numerics now lets you double tap on any widget in the dashboard to fetch updates for the widget instantly.

Dynamic background colors

Numerics allows setting KPI colors programmatically for custom JSON widgets. Just add the optional color key-value pair in the JSON response, and Numerics will use the provided color for the KPI.

Numerics iCloud Sync

Design dashboards once & stay updated on all devices with Numerics iCloud Sync

State-of-the-art iCloud Sync enables you to design dashboards on the iPhone or iPad and use them everywhere. With iCloud Sync, all dashboards are kept in sync and always updated on all your iCloud connected devices. This means you always have access to your updated dashboards.

Secure with iCloud

All your credentials are stored securely in your device keychain and synchronized across your devices using the highly secure iCloud Private Database. The iCloud Private DB is only accessible by you and your devices by design. This means that Cynapse and everybody else besides you has no access to your data.

iCloud Sync bolsters background notifications

By enabling iCloud Sync for Numerics, a KPI updated on any one device will send an update to all synched devices. Pro tip: Keep Numerics running on an Apple TV and get realtime updates to your KPIs on your mobile devices.


Focus on one KPI

Zoom in to focus and interact with a single widget in any dashboard.

50+ Cloud Integrations & Custom API

One dashboard app for all your KPIs. Numerics securely connects to a growing list of cloud services to get data for your dashboards. Numerics also provides custom APIs in various formats to easily integrate custom business applications or databases into Numerics.

  • Amazon-API-Gateway
  • AppFigures
  • BigQuery
  • Chargify
  • DreamFactory
  • Envato
  • Excel-Office-365
  • Facebook
  • Flurry
  • Foursquare
  • FreeAgent
  • Github
  • Gmail
  • Google-Analytics
  • Google-Spreadsheets
  • HelpScout
  • Instagram
  • Intercom
  • JSON-Basic-Auth
  • JSON
  • MailChimp
  • Paypal
  • Pingdom
  • Pinterest
  • Pipelinedeals
  • Pivotal
  • Podio
  • Salesforce
  • Stocks
  • Stripe
  • Trello
  • Twitter
  • WooCommerce
  • Wordpress
  • Zendesk
  • asana@2x
  • baremetrics@2x
  • basecamp
  • chartmogul
  • csv-basic-auth
  • csv
  • delighted
  • google-calendar@2x
  • hitsteps@2x
  • hockey@2x
  • jamf-pro@2x
  • shopify
  • teamwork@2x
  • todoist
  • twitch@2x
  • youtube
  • zoho@2x

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