The best place to start your work day.

Connect your most used SaaS tools and track your data using Numerics dashboards on the Mac. No more logging into dozens of different tools to know where action is needed.

Serverless. Processed entirely on your Mac.

Numerics directly connects to your cloud services or data stores to aggregate, process and present dashboards on your Mac in real time. We do not have any servers in between and do not replicate your data anywhere, except on your device.

All data is stored on your devices and in your iCloud database. All account credentials are encrypted at rest & in motion.

Speedy dashboard design.

Design custom dashboards in minutes.

Combine metrics from multiple services into personalized dashboards in a few clicks.

Fluid, automatic dashboard layout for any window size.

Optimized for Stage Manager, Numerics adapts and reflows dashboards to fit perfectly into any size or shape of the window. This makes Numerics a perfect companion app to your other productivity apps.

Sidebar for quick dashboard switching.

The collapsible sidebar lets you switch between dashboards swiftly. See the total KPIs on each dashboard and know which ones are shared by you or others. Hide it to get a full dashboard view.

Drag-n-drop layout

Customize the layout of your KPIs on dashboards. Move with speed and precision in the desktop app.

Full power of native silicon.

Responsive and fast, even on dashboards with 100s of KPI visualizations in any number of dashboards. No lags. Only smooth scrolling.

Must know - is now - Can’t miss!

Glanceable widgets in the Mac Notification Center

Update Notifications.

For those super important metrics.

Audible metrics.

Record a personalized phrase to add any metric from your dashboard to Siri. Invoke Siri with your custom voice shortcut to hear a brief of your KPI's latest values.

Combine multiple metrics setup across your dashboards to build custom spoken reports with the Shortcuts app.

Say the words to run the shortcut, and Siri will get your latest numbers and read out the report to you; all without lifting your finger!

Design dashboards once and track metrics everywhere. 

iCloud sync ensures that your dashboards stay updated at all times across all devices.

Handoff from your iPhone

Start with looking at a KPI on your iPhone, then seamlessly continue on your Mac to zoom into the data. It’s one app that moves with you from your palm to your desktop.

Co-create & stream live dashboards with teams.

Add and track metrics together. Team members can add new metrics, see edits as they happen and get updates about changes to metrics instantly.

Optional read-only mode where everyone invited can see the dashboards, but, only the owner can update the data or make changes.

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